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Security Why a Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a critical defence layer against web-based attacks

WAFs are key to protecting web application availability and to boosting security visibility.

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Security Why automation needs to be a critical part of your defences

Why security teams need to start embracing automation to overcome today’s complex security challenges.

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Helping CPaaS providers deliver future-proof GSIP solutions

After considerable market growth, CPaaS providers must take stock of their Unified Communications (UC) offerings to overcome key customer challenges.

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Security Important lessons from our cybersecurity automation journey

Automation in cybersecurity is becoming a critical part of an organisation’s defences. Our cyber defence journey and experience in automation spans over 20 years and we’ve learnt a lot along the way.

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Security Cyber incidents: a best practice checklist

Quantifying how well your security is protecting you and putting solid strategies in place to respond effectively in times of crisis has never been more important.

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Setting BT on course for Customer Excellence through Continuous Improvement

Delighted as BT Ireland was to win Best Measurement in Customer Experience at last month’s 2022 European Customer Centricity Awards, we see it as an affirmation of the work we’ve done to date, a milestone on our journey rather than the final destination.

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Security, Unified Communications reinforcing the importance of the human firewall

Organisations must prioritise the human firewall and make sure it’s an effective first line of defence in the hybrid working world.

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Cloud and Data Centres Why a cloud management platform is critical in a multi-cloud environment

Organisations run the risk of being overwhelmed by the challenges of operating in a multi-cloud environment without a coherent management strategy.

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Network SASE: driving a strategic approach to infrastructure investment

A more holistic view of IT architecture, encompassing cloud, security and your network, can transform your organisation.

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Security Middle Eastern trading hubs are fuelling growth

A growing level of interest in the Middle East as a global trading hub is being driven by a number of factors.

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Network How to get true sustainability gains from technology solutions

New global research delves into the role of digital services in helping organisations become sustainable and achieve net zero.

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Unified Communications We can't keep meeting like this

Hybrid working is turning traditional meetings on their head. Successful meetings now involve new mindsets, equipment and changing the role of the office.

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