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Cloud and Data Centres BT Ireland expands data centre capabilities

We are delighted to announce that we have expanded our data centre facilities with the addition of a new unit in Ballycoolin in Dublin.

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Cloud and Data Centres What part do next-generation data centres play in making the cloud sustainable?

Next-generation data centres are crucial making cloud transformation sustainable for businesses. They incorporate new technologies, designs and operational strategies to address evolving business needs, increase efficiency, and support emerging trends like cloud computing, big data analytics and IoT (Internet of Things).

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Cloud and Data Centres, Security The five fundamentals of a successful multi-cloud security strategy

Securing your multi-cloud architecture is complex, but absolutely critical. Here’s why it’s time to review your strategy.

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Cloud and Data Centres Taking multi-cloud strategies to the next phase

As the cloud environment evolves and becomes increasingly more distributed, global organisations need to quickly find the skills that will enable them to keep pace.

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Cloud and Data Centres Why multi-cloud networking is critical to reaching cloud maturity

Cloud migration isn’t a set destination, it’s an ongoing journey that requires you to assess, modernise, operate, and optimise continuously.

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Cloud and Data Centres How to overcome the final barriers to multi-cloud success

Optimum results depend on an agile methodology to guide application reforming, cloud environment preparation and automating application requests.

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Cloud and Data Centres How to avoid a bumpy cloud transformation journey

Some businesses are finding migrating to the cloud tricker than they were expecting – the key to a smooth journey is a carefully managed approach.

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Cloud and Data Centres Why a cloud management platform is critical in a multi-cloud environment

Organisations run the risk of being overwhelmed by the challenges of operating in a multi-cloud environment without a coherent management strategy.

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Cloud and Data Centres The silver lining of mass public cloud migration

Has the recent surge in off-premises services been the giant technology leap we’ve all been waiting for?

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Cloud and Data Centres A new world of data demands a new take on data protection

Data storage and backup is evolving due to digitisation and remote working. A smart solution is critical for security, growth and innovation.

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Cloud and Data Centres How to overcome risk for rewards in the cloud

Now most organisations are on some sort of cloud journey, they need to overcome new security risks if they’re going to achieve the full rewards.

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Cloud and Data Centres Evolving data centres are the hub for cloud strategies

With all the talk of the public cloud, you could be forgiven for thinking that the role of data centres and colocation services have become less important.

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