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Over the past few years cyber threats have become a lot more complex. Responding to these threats has also become an arms race. With over 70 years experience in the threat space, backed up by more than 3000 dedicated security personnel we have the resources to help protect your business both in Ireland and at a global level.

We can help you identify, analyse and stop cyber threats before they strike.

Our capabilities

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Secure your SD-WAN

Secure your SD-WAN Increase your network flexibility and unlock potential cost savings with SD-WAN whilst protecting your business from increased risks.

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Secure your journey to the cloud

Secure your data and remain compliant as you migrate services to the cloud.

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Take a zero trust approach to security

Create a flexible and dynamic security policy to control your borderless estate.

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Keep up with the evolving threat landscape

Identify, analyse, and remediate security threats with threat detection and management solutions.

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Cybersecurity advisory services

Reduce cyber risk, prevent attacks, and identify and respond to security threats with cyber threat advisory services from industry experts.

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Operational technology threat management

Identify and control your connected assets and detect and respond to cyber threats to your operational estate. Contact us to discover how to improve your OT security.

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Featured products & services

Managed DDOS

Managed DDOS | Protect your global network with DDoS protection from BT.

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Make availability the core of your security defence


  • Modular design with a subscription-based service that lets you add different levels of protections if required 
  • We offer a single platform – we’re the only DDoS supplier to provide a single platform for detection and mitigation
  • We’re a one-stop-shop – we have the unique ability to integrate our DDoS offering with a BT-provided Internet network
  • We have the best technology – we’ve partnered with world-class DDoS vendor,  to develop comprehensive, industry-leading solutions
  • We’re experienced – our DDoS team, based in our state-of-the-art security operations centre, have years of experience dealing with attacks and have a singular focus on DDoS
  • We're global - we can recognise and stop the attack before it hits your network
BT Managed DDOS datasheet PDF | 561KB

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Get core protection for your most important assets with a managed firewall for the constantly evolving threat landscape.


  • We have industry-leading partnerships – our firewall security solutions are brought to you via. partnerships with industry-leading vendors, like Check Point, Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet and more
  •  We’ll give you complete control – you’ll retain complete control of your security policy and firewall estate while we help define, deploy, optimise, and monitor it
  • We have the best technology – our solutions use the latest technology to help future-proof and maximise your protection in a constantly evolving threat landscape
  • We’ll provide insight and detailed reporting – we’ll give you access to the reports and insight you need on your system health and threat activity
Managed Firewall Security datasheet PDF | 123KB

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Protect your business and keep up with a constantly evolving threat landscape with our industry-leading SIEM solutions.

Managed Security and Event Management (SIEM)

Keep up with a constantly evolving threat landscape with our fully managed SIEM solution.

What is Security Managed SIEM?

Security Managed SIEM is a fully managed and customisable SIEM solution tailored to meet your specific business needs, using the latest technology from our industry-leading partners.

Monitored around the clock by our expert security teams to protect your most important assets, you’ll also get:

  • Expert managed deployment, configuration, and monitoring
  • Access to detailed security reports about system health and threat activity
  • Cyber SOC analytics to help you analyse and respond to SIEM data and insight
Managed SIEM datasheet PDF | 85KB

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What is a web application firewall (WAF)?

An integrated web application security solution

The evolution of the modern business environment has led to changes in the delivery of business-related processes and customer-facing services. Most companies have adopted the digital, application-based environment and traditional perimeters of both network and application security are no longer viable. The constant reliance on web apps only highlights their vulnerabilities, with the increasing reliance on web apps only leaves them more exposed to threats, especially since web application attacks have increased by up to 300% since last year[1], resulting in a flood of data breaches.

New security approaches are needed to help organisations protect their data and remediate against web-based threats and vulnerabilities.

Our web application firewall (WAF) solutions address these vulnerabilities by enabling control over how traffic reaches your applications and preventing application-layer attacks and subsequent data breaches. WAF can help you:

  • run web applications securely without fear of attack
  • put data protection at the core of your security strategy
  • rationalise threat landscapes to protect web servers, data transfers and the confidentiality of customers
  • ensure regulatory compliance.
[1] PivotPoint Security, 2021

Our web application firewall (WAF) solutions

Managed WAF

What is Managed WAF?

Our web application security solution that protects against the top 10 security risks, DoS and zero-day attacks. It uses AI-based, dual-layer machine learning engines, enabling you to deploy and access internal and external web applications without overburdening security teams. Our multi-layer protection includes:

  • business application protection - protects both internal and externally facing web applications
  • bot threat mitigation – blocks malicious bots without blocking users or interfering with legitimate bot activity
  • machine learning - detects unknown, zero-day attacks
  • DoS Protection - protects networks against flood attacks
  • Man in the Browser (MitB) - protects sensitive user data.

Why choose web application firewall (WAF) solutions with BT?

It’s not just the solution that makes the difference, but who you choose to partner with. Why choose us for WAF solutions?

  • We’re truly global – we have 3,000 security experts and 16 security operations centres across the world.
  • We’re experienced – our experts perform the centralised monitoring and management of your service around the world, around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • We’re accredited – we’ve invested significantly in expertise, accreditation, and training to  future-proof your investment and maximise your protection.
Managed Web Application Firewall PDF | 140KB

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Find the gaps in your security and respond effectively. By blending human oversight with real-time monitoring and automated decision-making, we can proactively detect anomalies and update your protections against next generation threats.

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Helps organizations measure and mitigate enterprise-wide cyber risk in real-time using our ML Enabled API-First SAFE Platform by aggregating automated signals across people, process and technology, both for 1st & 3rd party to dynamically predict the breach likelihood (SAFE Score) & financial risk to your organisation.

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