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Business, Company news 27 Feb 2023 BT Business Price Change

No one likes price rises. Sometimes though they’re a necessary part of business, if we’re to keep up with the rising costs we face to continue delivering a brilliant network experience.

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Business, Company news 27 Feb 2023 Telephone and ISDN lines on Stop Sell from 30th June 2023

From 20th February 2023, BT’s telephone and ISDN lines will be placed on Stop Sell.

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BTYSTE, Wholesale 27 Jan 2023 Half of surveyed Young Scientists are worried about climate change, but more than 90% are confident that science is the solution

Pictured at the call for entries for BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2023 is Darcy MacGillivray.

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BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

We’ve been the proud custodian, title sponsor & organiser of the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition (BTYSTE) for over 20 years. As a company founded on an inventive and pioneering spirit, we’re thrilled to help cultivate and nurture the talent of our future scientists & technologists through this best-in-class exhibition.

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Responsible Business

We want to lead the way to a bright, sustainable future. To do that, we’ve made a set of commitments to ensure we’re always striving to be responsible, inclusive and sustainable.Now is the time to come together. Because only then can we gather momentum, aggregate action, and ensure that change is happening in the right way.

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