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Global Fabric: An evolutionary leap in networks

Our net Network as a Service (NaaS) platform Global Fabric, built at the doorstep of the clouds using the latest hardware and software technology. Global Fabric redefines connectivity for modern global organisations. This transformative platform empowers IT leaders to embrace their cloud centric future. Global Fabric is a true end-to-end NaaS solution, from underlay, security to cloud connectivity, setting the stage for unparalleled efficiency, resilience, and success.

With Global Fabric, you will:

  • Improve productivity by avoiding application downtime
  • Remove network friction
  • Maintain resilient connectivity as your organisation evolves
  • Get cloud and network cost visibility
  • Reduce cyber risk
  • Improve sustainability through your entire estate

A cloud-centric era

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, organisations are increasingly shifting towards a cloud-first strategy. However, traditional site-to-site network architectures were not designed to seamlessly integrate with multi-cloud or multi-edge ecosystems. In many cases, the network is the bottleneck preventing organisations from achieving their cloud-first aspirations.

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Global organisations and IT leaders know what they are looking for:*


require self-service on-demand connectivity


want to easily switch providers & negotiate price


say sustainability important to their IT strategy


The Key benefits of Global Fabric


Why choose Global Fabric with BT?

At BT, we're making a substantial investment in developing technology that will be more responsible and sustainable.**

Global reach and scale

We serve customers in over 180 countries, with access to over 700 data centres, satisfying their data and application requirements from a performances, security, and regulatory perspective

Resilient performance

Our resilient, high bandwidth, global core network, has a dense metro PoP architecture to maintain network performance even under failure

Greater TCO control

There's no contract lock and a PAYG model, so bandwidth and costs can be managed according to your business needs, and network designs optimised to avoid egress bill shock

Digital connectivity control

We provide choice, flexibility and control, from DIY to fully managed with real time in-life performance visibility

Outstanding security

We have the breadth and experience of capability to secure how our customers use the multi-cloud, with no compromise on performance

Pre-integrated ecosystem

With our extensive hyperscaler partnerships and peering agreements, we help you simplify your supply chain and network management

Learn more about Global Fabric

WHITEPAPER / CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE Global Fabric: BT's new Network as a Service (NaaS) platform

Read out whitepaper detailing how Global Fabric will transform and future proof your connectivity.

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