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Security Closing the gap on NIS2 compliance

To close the gap between where you are and where you need to be for NIS2 compliance, you need to know where to start. NIS2 tailored workshops will focus on the specific areas around cybersecurity that the new EU directive is centred around. Find out more within our second blog in our NIS2 series.

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Security Assessing the NIS2 exposure of US and other Global multinationals in Ireland

In our first blog in a three-part series, we discuss what the NIS2 Directive is and how the US along with other global multinationals can prepare to meet the regulation deadline.

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Security How BT tackles OT security risks

Discover how BT addresses Operational Technology (OT) security risks in this insightful blog by Dónal Munnelly, CyberSecurity Proposition Manager. Learn about the challenges of OT convergence, the importance of cultural alignment, and the steps BT takes to protect OT environments.

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Network Redefining business values by integrating ESG targets: the time is now

Global commitments to realising net zero are driving a rethink on what represents ‘business value’ – what could this look like for organisations?

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Contact Centre Solutions, Network, Security Technology trends of 2023: a year of innovation

As 2023 comes to an end, we wanted to take a look back at some of the innovative technology and hot topics that have been in the spotlight over the last 12 months.

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Security Why it's time to bridge the gap between IT and OT

Operational Technology (OT) is now a prime target for cyberattacks with more than 80% of events starting with an IT system compromise, according to 2023 research by Rockwell Automation. This creates a problem for OT-dependent businesses, whether it’s manufacturing, utilities or food production, because IT and OT teams have historically existed in different worlds, culturally as well as technically, creating an uneasy divide that now needs to be bridged.

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Security Busting the (in)security myths about industrial digitalisation

With digital transformation the best route to optimisation, it’s imperative that industrial organisations build in security to protect OT in an integrated world.

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Security Best practices in securing OT

Most organisations have years of experience in securing their IT systems, but OT is new territory for them. Industry standards and frameworks can help to guide this necessary work, win support from the business, and target investment to where it’s needed most.

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Contact Centre Solutions The ‘big bang’ theory: executing a seamless migration to global voice

How organisations can deliver a fast and effective rollout to a cloud-based voice service.

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Security Revealed: a roadmap to improved OT security

As any good doctor will tell you, first you need to diagnose the patient before deciding on the cure. The same is true in cybersecurity: discovering your organisation’s most important assets is the first step towards understanding the risks and protecting them. But when it comes to operational technology (OT), this is easier said than done.

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Network Carbon-conscious networking that can help deliver on your sustainability goals

Organisations committed to science-based net zero targets need to minimise the impact of their digital network infrastructure as demands for data and AI grow.

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Security OT security myths busted: why security through obscurity is no longer an option

For a long time, the phrase “security through obscurity” has been a kind of comfort blanket, intended to reassure anyone whose job involves protecting critical systems from risk. But that mindset needs to change that much is clear from the presentations at the recent Secure-OT23 conference, hosted by BT,.

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