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BT Ireland wins global award for Customer-Centric Culture

Another milestone in BT Ireland’s customer experience (CX) journey was achieved earlier this year when we won the Customer-Centric Culture award at the Customer Centricity World Series.

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Network, Security Robot Highways: driving change in global agriculture innovation

How we supported a pioneering project, using innovative smart technologies, to try to solve major challenges around global food security.

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Security Actionable threat intelligence: focus on what matters

How can organisations begin to make sense of the deluge of threat intelligence and security alerts they’re inundated with on a daily basis?

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Security 7 ways automation can enhance your IoT ecosystem

Without automation, configuring and managing large IoT ecosystems may soon become unsustainable, holding back the evolution of smart cities.

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Unified Communications How organisations can help customers left behind by digitalisation

Organisations need to consider the legal, fraud and service channel implications of dealing digitally with ‘customer behind a customer’ situations.

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Network A practical pathway to long-term network sustainability

It’s clear that organisations need to improve their sustainability, so it makes sense to plan a network refresh that can support more efficient, greener operations.

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Cloud and Data Centres What part do next-generation data centres play in making the cloud sustainable?

Next-generation data centres are crucial making cloud transformation sustainable for businesses. They incorporate new technologies, designs and operational strategies to address evolving business needs, increase efficiency, and support emerging trends like cloud computing, big data analytics and IoT (Internet of Things).

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Cloud and Data Centres, Security The five fundamentals of a successful multi-cloud security strategy

Securing your multi-cloud architecture is complex, but absolutely critical. Here’s why it’s time to review your strategy.

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Contact Centre Solutions Why saying 'your call is important to us' shows customers it isn't

The in-queue experience is an emotive issue that has a big impact on customer satisfaction and brand trust. It’s time for a rethink, to make digital dealings easier.

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Do you know what your customers want from digital service in 2023?

More technologies and channels don’t necessarily lead to better digital customer experiences. Start your policy rethink with our research-backed insights.

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Network Can your infrastructure cope with tightening data sovereignty regulation?

We explore how network infrastructure can play an important role for global organisations when navigating the impact of expanding data sovereignty legislation.

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Security Why automation in cyber defence is essential in a multi-cloud world

Will increasing data levels and cyber threats overwhelm traditional security approaches, leaving organisations severely exposed? Can automation help?

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