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Network BT transports Alstom's global network to a digital future

New BT managed network to support global leader’s smart mobility solutions and optimise connectivity to cloud.

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Security Rising to the challenge of ransomware

Ransomware attacks sound like the type of cyber threat only large companies need worry about.

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Security A co-managed approach to security is the future of OT

Deciding how to secure your OT environment must balance out cost, risk, level of in-house expertise and the time available.

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Security Balancing security and digital transformation

It’s a sobering perspective. Security breaches aren’t a matter of “if,” they’re a matter of “when,” and companies who lack the agility to quickly contain problems and repair damage will suffer.

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Unlocking the power of Industry 4.0 with 5G

Manufacturers are now looking to 5G to support its journey to Industry 4.0. Andy Rowland, our head of digital manufacturing, explores the role of 5G in helping the manufacturing sector to enhance existing Industry 4.0 deployments and looks at potential use cases and the impact of coronavirus in his latest blog post.

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Unified Communications It’s the workplace…but not as we know it

Wherever you used to ‘go to work’ prior to the pandemic, it’s going to look very different when you return there.

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Contact Centre Solutions How to build a public cloud contact centre solution for a new age

If an organisation is looking for a public cloud contact centre solution, Genesys Cloud contact centre is specifically designed to tick off every requirement.

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Network Driving people - powered change - taking care of the human side of the network transformation equation

People are at the heart of creating change. Many businesses have accelerated their digital transformation programmes in the past year to meet human needs – to support employees working from home and delivering products and services in different ways to meet changing customer demands.

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Cloud and Data Centres How to avoid the 6 big pitfalls in cloud transformation

With 70% of cloud migration projects failing to achieve their goals, organisations must address security, performance, standards, skills shortages and cost controls to achieve success.

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Network Satellites: the connectivity answer in the natural resources sector

As real-time, low-latency connectivity becomes increasingly vital in oil, gas and mining, satellite technology is delivering viable ways to bridge connectivity gaps.

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Unified Communications It's the workplace...but not as we know it

Wherever you used to 'go to work' prior to the pandemic, it's going to look very different when you return there.

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Network, Security, Unified Communications Manufacturing disrupted: how digital leaders are surpassing the competition

To stay competitive in the world of manufacturing, organisations urgently need a digital-first approach to their operations and partners.

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