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Contact Centre Solutions, Security, Unified Communications Mar 28, 2022

How system integrators can deliver network transformation

By Wouter Belmans Director, Systems Integrators

The digital infrastructure of most organisations today is a complex network of platforms and solutions.

Companies are moving beyond traditional legacy infrastructure like MPLS towards internet-based connectivity, digitalising processes, and migrating workloads into the cloud in order to become more agile and scalable.

These companies understand that in an increasingly digital world, connectivity is more important than ever. That’s why they want to embrace the flexibility of hybrid networking and are well aware that a secure, reliable connection will enable them to move beyond their on-premises infrastructure and proceed with confidence into the cloud.

As a systems integrator, it’s an invaluable opportunity for growth. Increasingly, customers will be turning to you as their trusted advisor and looking for support with their transformation. But achieving the desired outcomes from network transformation is only possible with thorough orchestration and careful integration of new platforms and solutions. Without proper implementation, it can lead to a range of frustrating inefficiencies for you and your customers.

Trying to do it yourself

If you adopt a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to managing this for your customers, you can quickly run into challenges and hidden costs. Particularly, if you lack the skills or expertise inhouse.

For a start, you can easily fall into the trap of procuring different internet providers across regions with the intention of trying to reduce costs. Yet, the more vendors, the more complexity, which means more potential for service issues like outages and poor performance, increased latency and unsatisfactory user experiences. And, in a multi-vendor environment with siloed platforms and providers, it can become very difficult to identify where problems are arising.

To combat this, you’ll want to offer proactive service management and have the right tools on hand to resolve issues quickly – whether that’s enhanced network visualisation, performance monitoring or even AI-driven analytics.

Don’t be afraid to partner up

By partnering with a recognised global provider, with solutions available across multiple regions, you can unlock a range of benefits without the headache of trying to work it all out for yourself. Ideally, you’re looking for a partner who can deliver secure connectivity, reliable voice services and contact centre solutions to multiple sites all over the world. This means they’ll already understand the service management environment and should be able to participate in an agile, digitally orchestrated, and predictable way.

A trusted global provider

We offer our channel partners an extensive and future proof portfolio built on our global technology partnerships and continuously improving investments. We’re able to offer secure connectivity in over 203 countries and direct connection into all the major third-party cloud providers across every continent. Plus, we understand the importance of thorough digital integration, so our design brilliance team is always on hand to develop, orchestrate and deploy new network solutions for you and your customers.

If you’d like to find out more about how we could help you drive your customers’ transformation, please get in touch.