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Infrastructure challenges haven't changed, they've just got more complex.

Organisations need infrastructure that can support agile working, enable their cloud strategy, deliver the experience needed on evermore demanding applications- all whilst being secure. 

These aren't new challenges. The problems and urgency surrounding them have just accelerated.

This is driving big change. Budgets are being freed up and the factors that slowed transformation before are no longer inhibitors.

There's huge focus on delivering a better user experience, improving security, driving down network costs and increasing agility.

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Our capabilities

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Global Fabric

An end-to-end programmable platform, connecting you seamlessly to the cloud and bridging the gap between public and private clouds. When you're connected to Global Fabric, you're connected to everything.

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SD-WAN and SASE Solutions

Create a flexible, agile and secure network for your business with managed SD-WAN solutions and software from BT. Find out more today.

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Cloud Connectivity- Cloud Network services

Optimise user experience globally and gain a competitive advantage.

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Application performance

Redefine flexibility within your organisation.

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Secure access service edge (SASE)

Create an agile and secure network with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions from BT.

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Featured products & services

Connect Cisco SD-WAN

Connect Cisco SD-WAN | Build a secure infrastructure you can rely on with managed Cisco SD-WAN from BT.

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Connect Cisco SD-WAN is a managed SD-WAN solution for global networks with sophisticated requirements.

It’s the ideal choice as you migrate towards a software-enabled service. We’ve developed a centrally managed, cloud-hosted, and software-defined network overlay solution using Cisco Edge hardware and licences. It comes with best-of-breed reporting built in so you can see exactly what’s happening across your network and applications.


  • Scale your network as it becomes more sophisticated
  • See your whole network online
  • Stay secure with an encrypted network
  • Call on our SD-WAN specialists if you need help
  • Reduce logistical headaches – we manage everything when it comes to CPE
  • Become more agile with a dedicated team to configure and maintain your SD-WAN service
Connect Cisco SD-WAN datasheet PDF | 959KB

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VMware SD-WAN combines market leading technology, our world-class network portfolio, and extensive infrastructure and experience to deliver flexible, agile, scalable, and secure networking to support a more flexible workforce.

With VMware SD-WAN at the heart of your network, you can support new application growth, achieve IT and network agility, simplify WAN operations, and optimise access from branch to cloud and SaaS applications.


  • Demonstrate the benefits of your investment to key stakeholders and customers with our simplified end-user device management and provided complete visibility
  • Optimise and secure connectivity and performance using VMware’s centralised orchestration and automation with our range of VNFs, including next-generation firewalls, optimisers, and accelerators
  • Extend security boundaries beyond your data centre and cloud to applications and users, minimising the attack service and protecting users, networks, applications, and data against threats with VMware’s SASE Platform
  • You’re free to focus on business-critical tasks with our a fully-managed solution
  • We ensure optimal SD-WAN performance for even the most demanding applications using VMware’s Dynamic Multipath Optimization technology
VMware SD-WAN datasheet PDF | 78KB

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Agile Connect is our unique SD-WAN solution, combining Nokia’s Nuage Networks technology with our expertise to help global businesses deliver consistently great UX, managed centrally.

It’s unique to us because it’s built on and integrated into our global network, plus it’s controlled through our portal - the same portal you can use to control your wider network services. It comes with pre-built regional gateways, hub connectivity, and added security including protection against cyberattacks. You can control the service yourself or we can control it for you.


  • Reduced WAN costs by 50%
  • Improved application performance and productivity
  • Improved end-to-end control and real-time visibility
  • Flexible and scalable across all global sites
  • Enhanced resilience and agility with uncompromised security
Agile Connect Nuage SD-WAN datasheet PDF | 323KB

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Cloud Direct Connect was developed to remove the risks associated with cloud-based services, and we’ll make sure your move to the cloud is smooth, cost-efficient, and low-risk.

All this without the headache of managing multiple suppliers and physical infrastructure. 


  • Direct connectivity – from a business-grade private WAN
  • Embedded security – with all the protection of a physical firewall, but virtual
  • A more reliable connection – leveraging our global infrastructure
  • Fully-managed – giving you time to spend on important business priorities
Cloud Connect Direct datasheet PDF | 158KB

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Connected Cloud Edge from BT gives you the ease of multi-cloud but with a managed, resilient, and controlled interconnect.

Our service is available globally, so you can model and build the cloud performance you need for your users and customers. Connected Cloud Edge plugs you into the fabric of the cloud so that you can open and change cloud connections as you want, getting the performance and insight you need, underpinned by a clear and flexible pricing model. And you won’t have to worry about managing that infrastructure because we'll take care of that.


  • Faster responses and simplified routing across consolidated cloud interconnects
  • Ability to add security, optimisation, and SD-WAN virtualised functions
  • Agile “as a service” consumable and controllable commercials
  • Faster set-up and change times to meet demand drivers
  • Full cloud insight end to end delivered through the BT MyAccount portal
Connected-Cloud-Edge-July-2022 PDF | 76KB

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BT has been recognised as a Leader for the 20th year in 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Global WAN Services

Gartner®, Magic Quadrant™ for Global WAN Services,  Danellie Young, Gaspar Valdivia, et al., 15 April 2024

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