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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions

Create the agile and secure network infrastructure your business needs with SASE solutions from BT.

What is SASE?

Shape your future infrastructure with managed hybrid networks from BT.

Hybrid working is now a requirement for 76% of global workers. Branches and remote sites need more agile, secure connectivity to maximise productivity and drive value. Delivering an excellent user experience at the same time as increased visibility and control of your network and applications is critical.

Meeting these demands is hard for organisations with siloed network and security teams. But bringing the two together isn’t easy. Both can be complex, confusing fields. A new model is needed.

The term Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) refers to a converged network and security model where most traffic is no longer travelling over your own networks, and most applications and data are stored in the cloud.

SASE consists of two main elements - SD-WAN and Secure Services Edge (SSE) - that are seamlessly integrated into a holistic solution with our comprehensive services wrap. We know that every organisation starts from a different point, with a unique set of existing security products and use cases, so we offer choice and flexibility of either a single vendor SASE ecosystem or a hybrid SD-WAN and SSE approach.

Our SASE and SSE partners include Agile Connect Nuage, Cisco, Fortinet, Meraki, Palo Alto Networks, VMware, and Zscaler.

There are many ways of implementing SASE and one model may be more suitable for your needs than another. It’s also possible to mix and match solutions across your estate, depending on specific site requirements for both connectivity and security. Our experts will work with you to identify what would best meet your needs.  

Why choose SASE from BT?

For businesses operating in dynamic environments across the world, SASE solutions can be high stakes purchasing decisions. It’s about the partner you choose and their ability to provide the right solution for you:

  • Knowledge – We have expertise in both security and networking, as well as the ability to support you both locally and globally in all areas of the world.
  • Industry-leading proven partnerships – We have strong partnerships with the world’s leading network and security vendors.
  • Experience – We design, build and deliver SASE solutions for the world’s largest multinational corporations, including single vendor and hybrid ecosystem solutions.
  • Choice and control – For us, choice is everything. That’s why our services are flexible and customisable to your business needs.
  • Accelerate time to value - We have the resources to quickly map business needs and objectives to the appropriate solutions and get you up and running quickly.
  • Leading service experience – We support our SASE solutions with a unified service desk, providing seamless service and reduced effort.

Our related products & services

Agile Connect Nuage SD-WAN

Agile Connect Nuage SD-WAN | A next generation, SD-WAN network based on hybrid MPLS and Internet services, delivered fully managed by BT and Nokia.

Learn more

Agile Connect is our unique SD-WAN solution, combining Nokia’s Nuage Networks technology with our expertise to help global businesses deliver consistently great UX, managed centrally.

It’s unique to us because it’s built on and integrated into our global network, plus it’s controlled through our portal - the same portal you can use to control your wider network services. It comes with pre-built regional gateways, hub connectivity, and added security including protection against cyberattacks. You can control the service yourself or we can control it for you.


  • Reduced WAN costs by 50%
  • Improved application performance and productivity
  • Improved end-to-end control and real-time visibility
  • Flexible and scalable across all global sites
  • Enhanced resilience and agility with uncompromised security
Agile Connect Nuage SD-WAN datasheet PDF | 323KB

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VMware SD-WAN combines market leading technology, our world-class network portfolio, and extensive infrastructure and experience to deliver flexible, agile, scalable, and secure networking to support a more flexible workforce.

With VMware SD-WAN at the heart of your network, you can support new application growth, achieve IT and network agility, simplify WAN operations, and optimise access from branch to cloud and SaaS applications.


  • Demonstrate the benefits of your investment to key stakeholders and customers with our simplified end-user device management and provided complete visibility
  • Optimise and secure connectivity and performance using VMware’s centralised orchestration and automation with our range of VNFs, including next-generation firewalls, optimisers, and accelerators
  • Extend security boundaries beyond your data centre and cloud to applications and users, minimising the attack service and protecting users, networks, applications, and data against threats with VMware’s SASE Platform
  • You’re free to focus on business-critical tasks with our a fully-managed solution
  • We ensure optimal SD-WAN performance for even the most demanding applications using VMware’s Dynamic Multipath Optimization technology
VMware SD-WAN datasheet PDF | 78KB

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Connect Cisco SD-WAN is a managed SD-WAN solution for global networks with sophisticated requirements.

It’s the ideal choice as you migrate towards a software-enabled service. We’ve developed a centrally managed, cloud-hosted, and software-defined network overlay solution using Cisco Edge hardware and licences. It comes with best-of-breed reporting built in so you can see exactly what’s happening across your network and applications.


  • Scale your network as it becomes more sophisticated
  • See your whole network online
  • Stay secure with an encrypted network
  • Call on our SD-WAN specialists if you need help
  • Reduce logistical headaches – we manage everything when it comes to CPE
  • Become more agile with a dedicated team to configure and maintain your SD-WAN service
Connect Cisco SD-WAN datasheet PDF | 959KB

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Connect Meraki SD-WAN brings together the key components of any future branch solution, joining together LAN, wireless LAN, SD-WAN, and security in one box.

It’s simple to set up and manage, gives you central visibility of your network through an online management portal, and lets you tap into the power of new network technology – including the ability to meet ever-increasing bandwidth demand.


  • Deliver improved application performance – SD-WAN capability lets you use two different access methods into a site, and you can prioritise your most important applications for consistently high performance
  • Understand your network from a single dashboard – get oversight of your network by user, site, or region through a simple-to-use dashboard
  • Dig into the detail – access key performance insight including network usage and capacity, top apps and services, security threats, and more
  • Enjoy a personalised design – our Meraki experts will identify the right features for your business for a fully integrated solution
Connect Meraki SD-WAN datasheet PDF | 143KB

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Secure every connection while cutting cost and complexity.

Today’s agile working means your traditional security perimeter is no longer a fixed boundary, which means you may now have critical security gaps in your infrastructure. From branch locations to remote employees, the number of potential weak points has grown significantly – and it’s these weak points that hackers are likely to exploit.  

To stay protected in this new threat environment you need a consistent, cloud-based security setup that removes the hassle of buying and maintaining hardware, and plugs security gaps to protect all your users, from any location.

Our managed cloud security offering combines leading security solutions with managed services and consulting to do just that, partnering with world-class vendors - like Zscaler, Cisco, Palo Alto and McAfee - for cutting-edge solutions that use the latest technology.

Our managed cloud solution is a cloud-based internet security approach that helps improve your overall security posture. It adds an extra layer of defence-in-depth for those users and systems that are already secured and extends the security perimeter for those users who are outside and unprotected.

With our consultancy services you’ll get:

  • a security strategy and architecture that’s tailored to your individual business, supports your digital transformation and aligns resources to your goals
  • the power to control access to all your classified information before and after migration across both your legacy and hybrid cloud ecosystem
  • assessment and testing of your cloud implementation against industry standards, so you can be confident your migration won’t leave your data exposed or open to abuse.

Why choose cloud security solutions from BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose our managed cloud security solutions?

  • We’re at the front line – we support customers with cyber security in over 180 countries across the world.
  • We have the expertise – our team of highly skilled security consultants have extensive knowledge in cloud security and every other security discipline.
  • We’re a one-stop-shop – we’re in a unique position where we can seamlessly integrate our security offering with your BT-provided WAN and LAN solutions.
  • We’ve got the best coverage – we can offer one of the best global cloud infrastructure coverages in the world, with more BT data centres for cloud services than any other service provider.

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