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Our Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Experience (CX) is a key pillar of the BT Ireland strategy, and every aspect of our business is infused with this focus.

Our teams work tirelessly to deliver standout customer experiences consistently, and we are proud to have arrived at a point where our customers have huge trust in BT Ireland’s capability.  We help our customers overcome the barriers that hold them back and co-create new ways for them to innovate and connect. 

We’re never complacent – the whole purpose of our Customer Experience programme is to always strive for continual improvement.

Our latest Customer Experience results

Our latest Customer Experience scores highlighted our leadership in customer experience and the progress we are making in that area. 

  • 5.6 Customer relationship quality (CRQ), meaning we have satisfied customers, driven by the commitment of our people delivering standout customer experiences- Note: CRQ is a measurement scale from 1 to 7
  • +28 Net Promote Score, meaning our customers actively recommend us - Note: NPS is a measurement scale from -100 to +100
  • 50% of our customers are ambassadors, this means our customers value their service and would openly recommend BT Ireland to others

What our customers have to say

Key to the success of our customer experience strategy has been implementing a continuous improvement mindset. We refuse to stand still when it comes to our customers’ experience. We are dedicated to improving, striving to surpass customer demand while ensuring we are easy to deal with. 

We were delighted to hear from our customers in our recent customer experience survey.

Their feedback gives us the power to make things brilliant.

Very reliable and their support team is very responsive to issues or questions

Our BT account team has developed into one of our strongest partners

BT have the ability to follow through on ideas and requests that are industry changing and challenging

Award Winning Customer Experience 

Our focus on Customer Experience has been recognised recently, and we were thrilled to take home the Best Culture in Customer Experience trophy at the World Series Customer Centricity Awards and separately recognised as Trailblazer in CX by Deep Insight as part of their Excellence in CX Awards. These awards reflect the unbelievable efforts of all the teams within BT Ireland who make it their purpose to deliver a standout customer experience.

BT Ireland 2024 winners customer centricity world series
BT Ireland takes home the Employee Wellbeing award at the Customer Centricity World Series

BT Ireland has won the Employee Wellbeing award at the Customer Centricity World Series 2024, as well as being highly commended in best CX Strategy We're really proud of this recognition as we continue to prioritise the health and happiness of all our employees. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this achievement!

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trailblazers for cx test
BT Ireland has won Trailblazer in CRQ

We’re thrilled to be recognised as Trailblazers in Customer Experience (CX) by Deep-Insight: the B2B CX specialists at their first Excellence in CX awards

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Customer Experience on the newswires

BLOG BT Ireland takes home top Customer Experience award at the Global Customer Centricity Awards

Another milestone in BT Ireland’s customer experience (CX) journey was achieved earlier this year when we won the Customer-Centric Culture award at the Customer Centricity World Series.

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European centricity awards
NEWS BT Ireland takes home top Customer Experience award at European Customer Centricity Awards

BT Ireland has won the Best Measurement in Customer Experience award at the European Customer Centricity Awards, the culmination of a decade long journey that has seen the communications and IT services provider transform itself into a customer centric organisation.

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CX spotlight size EUCCA awards 2022
BLOG BT Ireland wins European accolade for Best Measurement in Customer Experience

We are absolutely thrilled to see BT Ireland recognised on the European stage as winners in the Best Measurement in Customer Experience category.

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BLOG Setting BT on course for Customer Excellence through Continuous Improvement

Delighted as BT Ireland was to win Best Measurement in Customer Experience at last month’s 2022 European Customer Centricity Awards, we see it as an affirmation of the work we’ve done to date, a milestone on our journey rather than the final destination.

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Untitled design - 2022-06-14T215348.401
The Irish TImes article BT showcasing their customer-centric focus at CX Impact Awards 2021

BT Ireland was shortlisted for CX in Telecoms and CX Team of The Year Awards demonstrating the culmination of their CX journey.

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Copy of Case Study - Mobile 370x258 (18)
BLOG New scores highlight BT leadership in customer experience

Your feedback gives us the power to make things brilliant.

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Silicon Republic Article Back to basics: The customer experience in a digital world

BT Ireland’s Shay Walsh discusses the current customer experience landscape and why it’s important that leaders walk in their customers’ shoes.

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BLOG Putting customer experience at the centre of every BT engagement

For over a decade we have been on a customer experience (CX) transformation journey, because what matters most is what our customers think of us.

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