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Click Before You Dig

Damage to BT’s network cables can pose a risk to the general public served by these cables.

Breakdown in service can result in isolation from essential services such as fire brigade, ambulance and Gardaí.

In addition, damage to BT cables/infrastructure can be very expensive.

Therefore, it is imperative that all precautions necessary are taken to avoid damaging the BT network.

If damage does occur, it must be communicated to BT without delay.

Please contact to request access to BT’s Click Before You Dig service.

This will assist in identifying the location of underground services prior to excavation.

It is essential that you contact if you believe BT’s services will be affected or need diversion to accommodate your construction.

At least 90 days prior notice will be required before diversionary works can be carried out. We must agree a specification of works and a detailed estimate of costs.