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Network, Security 11 Sep 2023 Robot Highways: driving change in global agriculture innovation

How we supported a pioneering project, using innovative smart technologies, to try to solve major challenges around global food security.

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Network 01 Sep 2023 A practical pathway to long-term network sustainability

It’s clear that organisations need to improve their sustainability, so it makes sense to plan a network refresh that can support more efficient, greener operations.

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Cloud and Data Centres 18 Jul 2023 What part do next-generation data centres play in making the cloud sustainable?

Next-generation data centres are crucial making cloud transformation sustainable for businesses. They incorporate new technologies, designs and operational strategies to address evolving business needs, increase efficiency, and support emerging trends like cloud computing, big data analytics and IoT (Internet of Things).

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Case studies

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Contact Centre Solutions Supporting PUMA's move to cloud voice with Microsoft Teams with BT

Learn about how BT have been supporting PUMA’s push towards a harmonised global voice and collaboration platform with a cloud-based solution from Microsoft Teams.

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Network Helping a global financial services company migrate to SD-WAN

Enabling transformation at speed and scale with our enhanced SD-WAN solution.

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Network, Security Delivering a secure and agile digital transformation for Orica

Helping the Australia-based multi-national as an end-to-end trusted partner.

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Research & Whitepapers

Network 29 Aug 2023 Robot Highways: the road to future food resilience?

How advanced robotics can solve major challenges that global agriculture is facing today.

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Network 17 Aug 2023 Automation in the Internet of Things

How automation releases the full value of IoT technologies.

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Cloud and Data Centres, Network 09 Aug 2023 Supporting technology organisations to achieve a thriving future

How networks and cloud connectivity underpin technological success.

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