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Network 24 Jun 2024 Enhancing your store’s sustainability credentials

According to a recent study, 86% of multinational corporations regard sustainability as the most important factor for top level decision-making. Indeed, over 3,900 companies have now formally committed to clear carbon reduction targets for measuring and reducing CO2 emissions.

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Security 11 Jun 2024 Staying aligned with NIS2 requirements

In the final blog of our three-part series, we explore the imperative of aligning with NIS2 regulations. Dónal Munnelly, BT's CyberSecurity Proposition Manager, highlights the directive's aim to bolster industry resilience against cyber threats and emphasises the need for long-term planning amidst evolving risks.

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Network 21 May 2024 What is NaaS?

From site to cloud and cloud to cloud: redefining connectivity with Network-as-a-Service

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Case studies

Contact Centre Solutions Helping a leading global pharmaceutical company in shaping their contact centre strategy

BT collaborated closely with the customer on a project that looked at shaping their future contact centre strategy

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Contact Centre Solutions Transforming an insurance company's customer experience with BT cloud contact centre migration

Organisations everywhere are on a journey to migrate applications and services to the cloud to achieve increased flexibility and agility. One of the more complex and critical cloud projects is contact centres and enterprise telephony. They are a key sales and customer service channel for companies, especially for an insurance business.

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Contact Centre Solutions A global tech provider for world class hospitality brands improves their Customer Experience with Five9

A global technology provider for world-class hospitality brands modernised its contact centre, improving efficiencies with the Five9 platform. This strategic move empowers the company's customers to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

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Research & Whitepapers

Network 09 Feb 2024 Global Fabric: BT's new Network as a Service (NaaS) platform

Read our whitepaper detailing how Global Fabric will transform and future proof your connectivity.

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Security 15 Nov 2023 Cyber security for banking and finance: navigating risk and maximising reward

Read our whitepaper about strategies for managing digitalisation, cloud acceleration and tightening regulations in the banking and finance sector.

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Network 27 Oct 2023 Efficiency unleashed: digital transformation in operations delivered on a global scale

Navigating the path to industrial optimisation at scale with BT and Cisco

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