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Security Using innovation as a security game-changer in 2022

Innovation has the power to bring about deep and wide-ranging transformation in security. Find out the areas to watch in 2022.

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Security BT’s guide to the Log4j vulnerability

The issue is impacting organisations across the globe and continues to rapidly evolve.

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Network How to avoid common pitfalls when choosing your SD-WAN

With so many SD-WAN variants on the market today, how can organisations identify the SD-WAN that will deliver on its transformational promise?

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Cloud and Data Centres The silver lining of mass public cloud migration

Has the recent surge in off-premises services been the giant technology leap we’ve all been waiting for?

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Contact Centre Solutions From agents to zedonks: the challenges of the future hybrid contact centre

How do you keep your contact centre running smoothly as a ‘centre’ when your agents aren’t all together and some are out working in the ‘wild’?

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Contact Centre Solutions Keeping ahead of changing technology and changing consumer wants

What consumers everywhere really want is for life to be less complicated.

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Network The edge reaches new frontiers in digital manufacturing

Imagine what digital manufacturers could achieve if they could connect their entire supply chain and partner ecosystems. What could this extended edge look like?

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Security Give your business an edge with a fresh look at your security strategy

As October is Cyber Awareness Month, we explore why organisations need to look again at their approach to cybersecurity.

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Unified Communications Are you ready to experience the future of innovative voice services?

Organisations are looking for a straightforward way to incorporate voice services with collaboration technologies to support new ways of working.

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Cloud and Data Centres A new world of data demands a new take on data protection

Data storage and backup is evolving due to digitisation and remote working. A smart solution is critical for security, growth and innovation.

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Security AI: the perfect partner for the future of cyber defence

Using the concerted efforts of man and machine, security teams are exploring ways to cut through the noise of increasingly busy networks.

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Security Who’s that knocking on your door?

Credential theft has long been a growing concern. In response, organisations are adopting multi-factor authentication to protect their critical data.

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