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Network Redefining business values by integrating ESG targets: the time is now

Global commitments to realising net zero are driving a rethink on what represents ‘business value’ – what could this look like for organisations?

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Contact Centre Solutions, Network, Security Technology trends of 2023: a year of innovation

As 2023 comes to an end, we wanted to take a look back at some of the innovative technology and hot topics that have been in the spotlight over the last 12 months.

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Network Carbon-conscious networking that can help deliver on your sustainability goals

Organisations committed to science-based net zero targets need to minimise the impact of their digital network infrastructure as demands for data and AI grow.

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Network Bringing transparency and optimisation to cloud network costs

For cloud-centric organisations, optimising the costs of compute, storage and traffic across the network and cloud platforms is becoming increasingly important.

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Network Delivering the operational flexibility that traditional networks can’t

Delivering the operational flexibility that traditional networks can’t

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Network Enabling a secure multi-cloud future

Tighter integration between network and security is critical and needs careful planning to meeting the extra challenges that come from operating in a multi-cloud environment.

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Network An evolutionary leap in networks

Traditional network architectures are failing to support organisations reaching for a cloud-first strategy. Now, Global Fabric makes a cloud-centric future possible.

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Network Optimising app performance in a distributed network environment

Now apps are critical to organisations’ fundamental functioning, innovation and changing goals, application performance and resilience are priorities. But current networks are struggling.

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Network, Security Robot Highways: driving change in global agriculture innovation

How we supported a pioneering project, using innovative smart technologies, to try to solve major challenges around global food security.

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Network A practical pathway to long-term network sustainability

It’s clear that organisations need to improve their sustainability, so it makes sense to plan a network refresh that can support more efficient, greener operations.

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Network Can your infrastructure cope with tightening data sovereignty regulation?

We explore how network infrastructure can play an important role for global organisations when navigating the impact of expanding data sovereignty legislation.

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Network, Unified Communications Digital workplaces are only as good as the network infrastructure that underpins them

Our latest research with Cisco shows that as organisations shape their new digital workplace strategy, they can’t afford to overlook their network infrastructure and connectivity.

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