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Industry 4.0 - the automation of manufacturing using smart technology - brings many business benefits. Manufacturers could benefit from energy savings, reduced downtime, increased productivity and reduced costs.

However, many struggle to see a quick enough return on investment because they can’t scale at pace or their infrastructure isn’t up to the job. You need to be able to identify security threats, future-proof your infrastructure and integrate different technologies – on a global scale. We can help you overcome the barriers to scaling and reap the benefits of Industry 4.0.


IDC Infobrief 585x448
IDC Infobrief

Successfully deploying Industry 4.0 means global manufacturers can significantly reduce their costs and downtime, while increasing their productivity.

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IoT – The barriers to scaling 585x448
IoT – The barriers to scaling

A complex world of interconnected devices is creating new challenges and opportunities for the manufacturing sector.

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Unlocking the power of Industry 4.0 with 5G

As coronavirus introduces new factors into the business equation and accelerates others, manufacturing is looking to 5G to support its journey to Industry 4.0.

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Blog How manufacturers can avoid downtime in an IoT world

The networks used by many manufacturers are ageing, slow, and prone to failure. In our blog with Cisco, we explain why and how manufacturers should bring their networks up to date.

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Blog Sometimes it’s the people, not the technology, that’s holding back Industry 4.0

A teaming approach is crucial to overcoming barriers to scaling digital manufacturing. Our expert explores how co-creation delivers high success rates and flags up the common pitfalls.

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