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Creating seamless collaboration

Across the globe, organisations are resetting their workplace strategy. The world has changed. Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, but user experience is still king when it comes to driving value. You want to give your people the right experience – whether they’re homeworkers, starting to go back into the office or somewhere in-between. Employees know what they want: good connectivity, robust security and easy access to the systems and collaboration tools they need to do their jobs. But you’re juggling the demands of keeping existing systems and processes performing well, with the demands for new digital investments.

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Unlocking the future of work

Find out how to enable secure and scalable hybrid working for the long term.

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Our Approcach to the future of work UC&C Campaign 585x448
Our approach to the future of work

There’s no right solution to solving the future of work puzzle. Each organisation has its own unique set of goals and needs. Here, we share our approach.

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From automation to zedonks: the forces shaping the future hybrid workplace

The future ideal is to create a hybrid which combines the best of the digital and physical worlds, rather than creating a monster - a ‘donkbra’ - a messy ‘horrible hybrid’.

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Solve our puzzles

All the puzzles, all the solutions

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River crossing riddle

Solving the hybrid working puzzle needs creative thinking and flexible strategies.

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Three switches

Solve the productivity puzzle in a hybrid world, with people first and technology second.

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Find the path

Keeping your team connected in an uncertain future needs an agile infrastructure.

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2 guards, 2 doors

Securing hybrid working against constantly evolving risks and threats is a complex puzzle.

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Webinar BT & Cisco: Delivering a blueprint for the future of work

Global organisations are facing the challenge of developing an inclusive model for hybrid working. How do you build a strategy for digital work, whilst managing the complexities of a safe return to the workplace?

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Webinar How do you solve the collaboration conundrum?

Global organisations like yours are experiencing the collaboration conundrum – how to help your people work together seamlessly and effectively.

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Webinar Securing the future of work

Security will play a key role in enabling new hybrid ways of working as the world begins to re-open, with employees increasingly on the move.

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Blog Figuring out the future of work

The indications are that people want more choice for the future of work - what matters will be how employees work, not where.

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Blog It’s time for a culture change in collaboration

Despite embracing new collaboration tools, your organisation might not have had a chance to properly integrate them for the future of work. Now’s the ideal time.

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Blog Striking a balance between user experience and security

Security compliance can be challenging in the new world of hybrid working, but the answer is to put the control back into the hands of your users.

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Blog The bold decisions CISOs need to make today

CISOs are entering a golden period of opportunity - take decisive action to shape your security strategy for the future of work.

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