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Unified Communications May 23, 2021

Unlocking the future of work

Where do we go from here?

It’s clear that hybrid working is here to stay. While it’s early days, employers can see the potential for reducing costs, boosting employee wellbeing and reducing environmental impact.

The challenge now is how to enable this new way of working for the long term. It needs to meet all the standards of accessibility, service quality and inclusivity of the old office-centric model. And of course, it must be secure.

Discover how you can unlock the future of work by:

  • Enabling new ways of working for everyone
  • Developing a supportive, adaptable and resilient infrastructure
  • Protecting people, data and services with confidence                                                                                         

Previously, it would’ve been almost unthinkable for jobs as diverse as financial traders, contact centre agents and teachers to move en masse to remote working. But in a triumph of human ingenuity and adaptability (and Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco Webex), it worked out.

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