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Network Jun 06, 2023

Maximise the sustainability potential of your networks

Sustainability is now a global priority. Citizens, governments, regulatory bodies and organisations large and small recognise the impacts carbon emissions are having on the planet – and want action.

Achieving this can be a significant challenge for global organisations. Capturing emissions data within their own operations alone can be difficult, but the growing focus on measuring, reporting and reducing Scope 3 emissions generated across the wider supply chain adds further complexity. And networks and IT infrastructure are no exception: they’re notoriously energy hungry.

However, what so often holds organisations back is an absence of the tools and expertise to measure, monitor and report on emissions across the network. Without this accurate data as a base, organisations can’t be sure any proposed changes will be effective or worth the investment.

Working in partnership with Cisco, our joint sustainability mission is to help you move to a lower-carbon network strategy. So, to support you, we’ve brought together all the tools and expertise from our two organisations that you’ll need to smooth your path to net zero.

In our whitepaper we examine:

  • the sustainability drivers in the IT and network infrastructure market
  • the key challenges for increasing network sustainability
  • critical steps for achieving net zero
  • our blueprint for a sustainable network
  • how we can help your organisation
  • sustainable network strategies in action

Download our whitepaper to find out how to maximise the sustainability potential in your networks.

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