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Network, Security Dec 14, 2022

Thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By Shay Walsh Managing Director, BT Ireland

Keeping pace with the demands of this increasingly complex world and making the leap to fully digital ways of working is a must for any organisation that wants to compete in this new world. 

Businesses are looking for expertise that enables them to take on that challenge and thrive. For over 20 years, BT Ireland has been at the forefront of technology in Ireland, building on the wider reputation of BT as a leading global network and communications provider. Today, BT Ireland is a key player in data centre services, multi-cloud propositions, and collaboration solutions for Ireland’s global multinational corporations based out of Ireland. We provide digital tools and services that help businesses gain competitive advantage, including unified communication and collaboration platforms that have become the bedrock for business survival when pandemic lockdowns made home working ‘the new normal’. 

The pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have changed the security landscape as cyber criminals and nation states seek to exploit geopolitical uncertainty for their own gain, increasing the risk of exposure to businesses. BT’s global team of over 3000 security professionals is better positioned than most to monitor the threat landscape. We can provide an early warning of emerging malware and new vulnerabilities by using our global network that spans nearly 200 countries across the globe. We recently opened a Security Operations Centre in Belfast to further strengthen protection against ever increasing cyber threats. The centre monitors T’s own assets as well as the networks and IT infrastructure of BT Ireland customers on a 24/7 basis. Using a range of advanced tools, BT’s cyber security specialists are better able to detect evolving cyber threats and act before any damage is done.

“We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, where connected devices, data analytics and artificial intelligence are changing the way all businesses operate and how they serve their customers.”

Delivering a consistent, reliable and ever-improving customer experience is fundamental to serving customers’ needs and we’ve worked hard as a team to build on that over the past year. We help our customers overcome the barriers that hold them back and co create new ways for them to innovate and connect. We were delighted that in September 2022 we were recognised by the European Customer Centricity Awards for our efforts in delivering outstanding customer experience. 

We operate in the rapidly evolving telecoms and technology sectors, and our customers’ needs continue to change as they increasingly digitise their businesses. There is massive competition for skilled talent in areas like networking, security, unified communications, and all forms of cloud services. We place an emphasis on continuous development in BT Ireland, ensuring our people adapt and grow in their careers, and in turn help us address any shortages in those competitive skills areas. It’s essential that we have the right talent in our business if we are to grow and meet our customers’ evolving requirements. 

As an organisation our purpose is as simple as it is ambitious: we connect for good. There are no limits to what people can do when they connect. And through the power of technology, we’re supporting customers to build stronger, smarter, more secure businesses that enable them to thrive in the new world.