Unlocking the future of work

It’s clear that hybrid working is here to stay. While it’s early days, employers can see the potential for reducing costs, boosting employee wellbeing and reducing environmental impact. The challenge now is how to enable this new way of working for the long term. It needs to meet all the standards of accessibility, service quality and inclusivity of the old office-centric model. And of course, it must be secure.

Discover how you can unlock the future of work by:

  • enabling new ways of working for everyone.
  • developing a supportive, adaptable and resilient
  • protecting people, data and services with confidence.

Webinar: What is the future of the workplace

Hybrid working is here – but what challenges will this bring when shaping the future of work? Our webinar unpacks the trends and insights global organisations need to consider as they make the hybrid working transition.

Our approach to the future of work

There’s no right solution to solving the future of work puzzle. Each organisation has its own unique set of goals and needs. Over the last year, we conducted extensive research on the topics of network, collaboration and security with business and IT decision-makers in large organisations across the globe. Here, we share our approach, drawing on our comprehensive experience and expertise, as well as those research findings, to help you shape your future of work and be ready for the opportunities ahead.

From automation to zedonks: the forces shaping the future hybrid workplace

Hybrid working is far more than being in an office three days a week and working from home for two days. The future ideal is to create a hybrid which combines the best of the digital and physical worlds, rather than creating a monster - a ‘donkbra’ - a messy ‘horrible hybrid’. 

Unscrambling the hybrid working puzzle

The Art of Puzzling: Why adopting a ‘puzzler’ mindset is key to navigating the future of work.

Uncertainty has been a defining characteristic of the past year. Now, as the move to hybrid working gathers pace, what the future looks like is equally uncertain. It’s a puzzle every business needs to solve. So, could the same strategies we apply to cracking puzzles be used to crack the hybrid working conundrum too?

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It’s time for a culture change in collaboration

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Striking a balance between user experience and security

Security compliance can be challenging in the new world of hybrid working, but the answer is to put the control back into the hands of your users.

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The bold decisions CISOs need to make today

CISOs are entering a golden period of opportunity - take decisive action to shape your security strategy for the future of work.

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