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What is Contact Centre Optimisation?

Improve your operational performance and customer engagement with Optimise Cloud Contact from BT

Available in the cloud or onsite, our cloud contact centre solutions will help you make better decisions, increase productivity and improve your customer experience.

With Optimise Cloud Contact you can:

  • use insight to identify existing inefficiencies, understand root causes and take action
  • ensure you have the right people, with the right skills, at the right time to help your customers
  • improve your customer experience by reducing handling times and putting your customers through to the employees who can answer their enquiries first time
  • reduce costs by spending less time on dispute management with recorded calls and identifying and correcting any inefficiencies with call analytics.

How does Optimise Cloud Contact work?

Optimise Cloud Contact is an all-in-one cloud contact centre solution that provides fast insight vital to business needs. It detects changes in customer behaviour and market patterns, helping you to commit to initiatives that will generate maximum business benefit.

The solution's algorithmic build allows for the workforce management process to be automated, driving efficiency in your contact centre. The range of applications are all based on software supplied by our partner Verint.

  • Voice Recording (VR)
  • Quality Monitoring (QM)
  • Workforce Management (WFM)
  • Workforce Optimisation (WFO)
  • Speech Analytics (SA)
  • Desktop Process Analytics (DPA)
  • Customer Feedback (EFM)

Optimise Cloud Contact features:

Voice recording helps to meet compliance obligations whilst enabling employees' performance to be assessed and monitored by replaying recordings.

Quality monitoring lies at the heart of improving quality of service and customer satisfaction. This is essential to encouraging the behaviours you’re looking for and promoting individual accountability across employees.

Workforce management reduces operational expenditure, increase staff productivity and ultimately automates and streamlines processes reducing admin attrition.

Workforce optimisation offers an all-in-one transforming experience for agents and their respective customer. It’s focused on improving employee engagement whilst maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Speech analytics is an effective tool to highlight early signs of customer dissatisfaction via its emotion detecting feature preventing customers from leaving. This package is also great to identify sales opportunities as it gives direct insight into what customers are asking for.

Desktop and process analytics gives insight into where employees are allocating time across desktop applications giving you the opportunity to identify process efficiencies.

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Optimise Cloud Contact benefits

A key feature of Optimise Contact Cloud is that it is a unified suite of applications. This provides a consistent user experience, with a common user interface and uses single user profiles across the suite, making it simple for users to switch applications and easily adopt new applications within the suite.

Complementary to BT’s cloud contact centre solutions, Optimise Cloud Contact allows us to offer a complete cloud solution for contact centre requirements. It helps you to:

  • make data driven investment decisions
  • detect changes in customer behaviours and mitigate risks that could have costly impact
  • manage the above within a feasible budget whilst maintaining a high level of quality service.

Why choose Optimise Cloud Contact with BT?

  • Experience - we’ve established over 4,000+ contact centres with 60,000+ agents globally. Our Cloud Contact solutions deliver five million calls and 500,000 messages and chats in 120 countries monthly – so we know what to expect.
  • Our ecosystem of market-leading partners - brings everything together to deliver seamless integrations across your day-to-day applications, contact centre and unified communications.
  • Global reach - Optimise Cloud Contact serves a global customer base spanning the UK, Europe, AMEA and the Americas, working with business of all sizes and across many industries.