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Cloud Professional Services

Flexible, on-demand access to a dedicated team of cloud experts to help you successfully develop and deliver your cloud strategy

What are Cloud Professional Services?

Cloud adoption is complex and requires a new way of thinking.

Wherever you are on your cloud transformation journey, we’ll join you and simplify your path forward. Working alongside your team, we’ll help you understand your cloud strategy options, and develop and deploy cloud solutions that help you achieve better business outcomes.

Always-on and ready to seamlessly scale, our technical teams are here to manage any and every part of your cloud adoption journey. We’ll enable your engineering teams to move faster, experiment and learn, defining entire environments as if they were code. For our customers, the cloud is about building new revenue lines, improvements to business processes, and new business ideas to power the future.


  • Combine public cloud agility and automation with the performance, security, and compliance of your own data centre 
  • Scale a proof-of-concept into a successful cloud service 
  • Configure optimal solutions for different lines of business and geographies
  • Industry-leading partnerships ensure best-in-class networks, compute, and security
  • End-to-end visibility of geographically dispersed infrastructure 
  • You choose your solutions; we optimise them for performance and value 


  • A choice of flexible and customisable services to meet different business needs and budgets
  • An agile environment designed to ‘flex’ and grow at speed and scale
  • Distribute global workloads across private, public cloud, and on-premises
  • Optimise hybrid environments for a better user experience 
  • Centralise management of network, security, and operational processes 
  • Move data seamlessly and securely between different environments and stay compliant

Our related products & services

For cloud migration, we’ll partner with you to deliver the expertise you need, so you can avoid common pitfalls and accelerate your return on investment. Our certified cloud migration consultants start by conducting a holistic assessment of your IT environment and business goals. We then create a customised cloud migration plan designed to support those goals. We’ll handle migration of your applications and workloads, so you can minimise your business risk, disruption, and downtime. After a successful migration, our experts can continue to work with you through our ongoing management and optimisation services.

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When it comes to Elastic Engineering Plus, we provide you with on-demand access to a team of highly skilled engineers – collectively called a Pod – who are available to collaborate with your organisation to shape successful outcomes such as: planning and migrations to public cloud, architecture design and deployment, creation of automated CI/CD pipelines, improve security and reliability for your applications and manage your cloud environments across AWS, GCP and Azure.

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Leverage a team of experts to successfully elevate your existing applications and unlock the power of cloud native development. Early cloud adoption approaches focused on migrating applications and infrastructure with minimal changes to the code or architecture. While these migrated workloads sometimes benefit from the elasticity and scale of the cloud, unlocking additional value requires modernising the application code and architecture to be more cloud native.

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Translate your business aspirations into future-proof technology choices, anywhere on your cloud journey. We offer highly sought-after expertise from practitioners, who deliver guidance, advice and best-practices and help customers to architect for innovation underpinned by modern technology.

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To remain competitive, you need to innovate, accelerate time to market, improve the quality and efficiency of application deployments and automate operations everywhere you can. DevOps models, processes and tools can help get you there. However, your own team may not have the time, experience or specialised skills required to implement DevOps transformation while meeting your everyday obligations. Our Cloud DevOps solutions will help you adopt a software-led, cloud-native approach to integrating business, operations, and development through automation, allowing for faster and more predictable business results.

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Why choose Cloud Professional Services from BT?

By partnering with Rackspace Technology we can offer business-changing innovation, delivered securely across any cloud anywhere.

  • Industry leading partnership - Our combined unique experiences of leadership in cloud services, network and security means we can share this knowledge with you. We’ve spent a lot of time putting together a team that combines service and customer experience. Delivering the outcomes you need, getting you to production, to plan on time, every time.
  • Experience – Over 20 years of managed service experience, providing global services in 180+ countries to more than 4,000 customers. Couple this with being the largest VMware managed service provider, biggest AWS customer and third for Google Cloud Platform, means you can trust us with your cloud adoption. plus consistently voted as a leader in network and security managed services by Gartner and IDC.
  • Choice and control – We understand that collaboration is key to the best outcomes, we empower customers to continue the success of change programs. This comes down to effective knowledge transfer and close working with your teams.​
  • Support - We are cloud agnostic in terms of our approach. We are commercially agile, adapting to work in ways that make the most sense for your business. We are considerate of your team dynamics and working practices to limit non-productive disruption.

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