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Digital Impact and Sustainability Nov 06, 2018

BT recognised as one of Ireland's healthiest places to work

John Ryan, CEO, Healthy Place to Work®, presenting BT Ireland MD Shay Walsh with the Healthy Place to Work® certification

BT Ireland has been certified as a Healthy Place to Work®, under the global healthy place to work standard. This prestigious achievement officially recognises that BT Ireland and its employees are leading the way in creating healthy, high performing environment for its employees.

A Healthy Place to Work® is one where people understand the purpose of their work and how it aligns with the organisation; are part of a learning environment where they are able to adapt and grow; have connections with others and the organisation that allow them to be at their best; and where people have the energy to sustainably deliver on their and the organisation’s objectives.

John Ryan, CEO, Healthy Place to Work said, "Healthy Place to Work® were delighted to certify BT as one of Ireland's first organisations to achieve the standard. It sets them apart as leaders and innovators in this space, creating an agile and high performing work environment. Standout strength areas for BT included the creation of a learning mindset where people are able to adapt and grow in their roles, and social wellbeing, reflecting BT's strong commitment to giving back to the community. We look forward to seeing how BT will continue to grow in this area."  

Shay Walsh, managing director, BT Ireland said; “We are delighted to receive the certification and the recognition of BT Ireland as a healthy place to work. Over the past number of years, we have made significant investments in creating an environment that helps people to thrive in work, both professionally and personally. We want our people to enjoy coming to work, to feel that they are valued and that they have a connection to the organisation and the people within it. This award shows that we are not only succeeding in these endeavours but that we are one of the leading organisations in recognising the importance of a healthy place to work.”

The Healthy Place to Work® certification assesses employees on how well an organisation is using a strategic and evidence-based approach to its decisions in supporting performance and health outcomes, as well as the employee perspective on their capacity to work, learn and grow. In order to receive the award, BT Ireland employees were surveyed across the four pillars of the Healthy Place to Work Model: purpose, mental resilience, physical health and connections. In each one, BT scored significantly higher than that of the average working population and other organisations who were surveyed in the pilot study.

BT Ireland is currently recruiting for a number of positions across fields such as engineering, sales, information technology and more. To find out more about life at BT and opportunities available visit the company’s careers page on