Cybersecurity. It’s time to look again.

Revisit your security strategy and reveal a new approach.

It’s time to redefine your network perimeter – and your security strategy.

Driven by the rise of remote and mobile working, the company network has surged beyond the traditional perimeter of a centralised corporate space – magnifying the threat landscape. 

Through interviews with leading global multinational companies, we identified what aspects of defending today’s networks are keeping business leaders up at night. Using their insight and our deep security experience, our whitepaper sets out a strategic, five-point plan for securing a dispersed enterprise.

Reshape your cybersecurity to maximise defences.

Now no one can assume they haven’t been breached, so how do you secure your organisation and data on a ‘dirty’ network? How do you put strategies and technologies in place to cope with the fact that you may have already been successfully attacked, and just not know it yet?

You need to ‘assume breach’ – expecting a sophisticated and motivated attacker will find a way into your estate and manage to stay hidden for some time.

How to win against cyber attackers

Cyber risks have been heightened by mass remote working and migration to the cloud. Steve Benton shares his insight on how to protect your organisations from cyber attackers, with recommendations for how to stay on the front foot with a human firewall.

Look again – CISOs in the spotlight

Cybersecurity has risen to top of the business agenda and is now a mainstream business issue. Our recent global research highlights the need to balance technological solutions with an understanding of human nature with five main insights.

Further insights

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Give your business an edge with a fresh look at your security strategy

Over the last eighteen months, so many organisations have been forced to transform without a clear view of the path ahead. We explore why organisations need to look again at their approach to cybersecurity to prepare for the future.

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R.I.P rip and replace: making the most of your existing cybersecurity

Recently, global organisations have been in recovery mode, determined to regain their trading positions and working hard to stay afloat in the face of increased cashflow pressures – and this has had a direct effect on their security.

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Whitepaper: Secure Access Services Edge (SASE)

The drive for digital agility has created a dynamic enterprise perimeter, and a real danger that when users, devices and data can be created and stored anywhere, loss of visibility and control follows. Secure Access Services Edge is the answer.

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