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Network, Security Oct 11, 2021

Look again - CISOs under the spotlight

Read our whitepaper to discover consumer, employee and business leader attitudes to cybersecurity – and what you should do about them.

Cybersecurity has risen to top of the business agenda and is now a mainstream business issue.

But while 76% rate their organisation as good or excellent at protecting against cyber threats, the reality is that organisations and employees still neglect the basics and breaches continue to occur frequently.

Our recent global research highlights the need to balance technological solutions with an understanding of human nature.

The five key insights are:

  1. There’s a belief that enterprises are secure but that’s not the full story
  2. Consumer behaviour doesn’t help cybersecurity
  3. Good news: there’s little resistance to greater security measures
  4. Technology can never replace the human firewall
  5. It’s time for CISOs to move into the spotlight.

Download our whitepaper to find out more about changing attitudes to cybersecurity and how your CISO can manage them to keep your organisation secure.

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