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About this talk

It’s been an extraordinary year. Who could have predicted that in 2020 half the world’s population would be having business meetings in their slippers or ordering everything from biryanis to BBQs to their front door?

There’s been a huge change in consumer behaviour and expectations. That’s why we brought forward our regular Autonomous Customer research to capture the spirit of these times. We had the pleasure of hosting this webinar in conjunction with the CCMA and BT's Dr Nicola Millard. This webinar captures how years of change happened in just weeks for contact centres.

Dr Nicola Millard talks through the unique findings of our research, uncovering the unique insights gathered from contact centre customers across 10 different countries and for the first time ever, agents from the UK, US, and India. Nicola also dives into how consumers and agents have coped during the pandemic and what this means for the future of the contact centre.

Date: Mar 24 2021

Duration: 38 mins

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