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What is a global inbound voice network?

Improve customer service and reduce costs with global inbound voice network.

With consumer choices at an all-time high, providing a cutting-edge customer contact experience can make all the difference for your business.

A global inbound voice network ensures every customer call is answered, connecting your disparate call centers around the world into a single virtual operation. Our global inbound call centre solutions make it easier for customers to get in touch, no matter where they are, with easy to remember phone numbers that stay with you for as long as you want them.

The global inbound voice network lets you handle customer interactions intelligently, increase customer loyalty and make the most of your resources.

Our global inbound voice network solution

Global inbound voice network is a global VPN service that allows customer telephone calls to be carried between an inbound node and your call centre(s). The service uses centralised intelligent routing capabilities and our network to link up your contact centres across the globe.

Our global inbound voice network service includes:

  • multiple access and service number options a variety of access methods with flexible calling
  • advanced intelligent screening and routing you can customise how calls are routed across your contact centres
  • traffic management and reporting giving you immediate control of your contact centre applications and access to valuable information about traffic and agent performance
  • world-class support services operating 24 / 7 across the globe
  • self-service and hosted IVR advanced speech recognition and touch tone capabilities.
  • build and integrate your own apps using our controller API to rebalance traffic, activate alternative and business continuity plans, and maintain your voice inventory. It can be combined with other APIs and data inputs so you can respond in real time to changing call centre conditions
  • real-time Communications capabilities to web browsers and mobile devices with WebRTC. Avoid expensive mobile charges and make calls at the click of a button. Get access to the full ICg feature set and routing plans across the globe, without the need to install any plugins or apps.


Inbound contact global

Why choose global inbound voice network from BT?

It’s not just the that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose a global inbound voice network solution from BT?

  • Expertise – over 25 years’ experience delivering broad, in-depth customer contact expertise to leading corporations and public authorities around the world.
  • Truly global – our global voice network manages over 16 billion minutes-per-year, wit h access available from over 180 countries, and numbers offered in more than 130 countries.
  • Trusted – 9 out of 10 of the top global airlines to communicate with their customers and offer a leading-edge contact experience. 
  • End-to-end service – we own and control every part of the platform, and proactively monitor the service to ensure it’s always fully operational.

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