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Keeping clouds secure

Migrating to the cloud introduces new cybersecurity challenges

Our Approach

Migrating to the cloud introduces new cybersecurity challenges. A traditional approach to locking down network perimeters no longer applies, and risks are compounded if you pursue a multi-cloud strategy. But not if you trust your cloud journey to BT Ireland. We draw on the depth and experience of our global security practice to make sure you retain visibility and control, however varied your infrastructure and regardless of geographical spread. 

We help you to stay ahead of advanced and emerging threats. Our range of products cover every layer, from the data centre to the endpoint device and everything on the network in between. From a single-dashboard view, we provide full visibility across physical, virtual, and cloud environments, not just to monitor threats but to simplify the deployment and management of security tools and services. 

We’re at the front line of cyber security, supporting customers in over 180 countries across the world, operating globally, delivering locally.


  • Cloud-based security features that you can select, either as standalone items or bundled pack
  • Data protection and backup services to help with regulatory compliance
  • Protect your global network with DDoS protection from BT
  • Full protection against threats with real-time scanning of inbound and outbound web traffic, blocking known and zero-day threats before they reach your network
  • 24x7 proactive support available in three tiers (bronze, silver, gold)
  • Modular design lets you add different levels of protection with no capital expenditure 
  • Robust firewall management services


  • Flexibility and speed to act fast and minimise disruption across multiple environments 
  • A single platform for detection and mitigation to automatically detect rogue traffic and take action to protect
  • Retain full control of your security policy
  • Robust protection and recovery ensure business continuity 
  • Pay-per-usage model turns upfront ‘capex’ investments into an ‘opex’ solution
  • Layered security addresses multiple threats, from ransomware to DDoS attacks
  • Partner with the leading cloud security providers to drive continual improvement
  • Leverage the best technology to future-proof your investment and maximise your protection

Our related products services

BT's Compute Protect server security (CPss) protects server endpoints across the data centre and cloud, delivering optimised protection for workloads deployed on VMware, AWS and Microsoft Azure. Managed from a single connected dashboard with full visibility across physical, virtual and cloud environments, accessible via BT Compute Management System (CMS). Offering an extensive range of security capabilities, CPss simplifies the deployment and management of security, which can result in lower risks and costs.

CPss is based on Deep Security from Trend Micro, the #1 provider of server security for physical, virtual and cloud environments. The security modules are offered in a pay-as-you-go model, but there is also a wide selection of allowances which offer sizeable discounts.

Compute Protect server security leverages the capabilities of Trend Micro's Deep Security software to provide market-leading security, seamlessly integrated with CMS. Compute Protect server security is available for our Private Compute services hosted in BT data centres or on customer premises, as well as on BT managed third party clouds.

Compute Protect server security offers a range of modules to meet protection needs:

  • Anti-malware
  • Web reputation service
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Stateful firewall
  • File and system integrity monitoring
  • Log inspection

Our Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication solution means you can be confident your data is safe and secure – and ready to use, when needed. That means, if disaster strikes, you can get your critical applications up and running again quickly, reducing downtime and minimising any potential losses.

Backup and back up again

  • Flexibility and speed - Supports multiple environments and architecture options while automation enables you to act fast and minimise disruption
  • Robust protection and trusted recovery - Your data will be safe, secure and ready for use
  • Lower costs - A pay per usage model means no upfront capex and a single solution for everything helps streamline investment and cut costs
  • Security - Immutability features protect your organisation from ransomware threats
  • Innovation - Use your backup copies to improve your development, test and dev scenarios

How it works:

A single platform for cloud, virtual and physical to meet all your needs. We’ve teamed up with Veeam Technologies to provide the Veeam Cloud Data Management Platform. This complete solution will help evolve the way you manage data, making it smarter and more self-governing while ensuring availability across any application or cloud infrastructure. It’ll help you on your journey to modernise your backup practice, accelerate hybrid cloud, and adhere to data security standards and regulations.

As your organisation becomes more dependent on internet access and online applications, you face a growing risk of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks – a type of cyberattack that overwhelms servers, devices, or applications with requests to cause denial of service to legitimate users. To protect your network and ensure business continuity you need an effective DDoS protection and mitigation solution that automatically neutralises attacks before they impact critical services. We also have the unique ability to integrate our DDoS offering with our network, so there’s no need for you to install equipment, meaning commission and deployment is much quicker.


  • A single platform for detection and mitigation, so we can automatically detect rogue traffic and take action to protect your network
  • A cloud-based solution that identifies attacks before they hit your network to limit or mitigate their business impact modular design with a subscription based service that lets you add different levels of protections if and when needed    

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Protect your global network with DDoS protection from BT.

Make Availability the core of your security defence


  • Modular design with a subscription - based service that lets you add different levels of protections if required 
  • We offer a single platform – we’re the only DDoS supplier to provide a single platform for detection and mitigation
  • We’re a one-stop-shop – we have the unique ability to integrate our DDoS offering with a BT-provided Internet network
  • We have the best technology – we’ve partnered with world-class DDoS vendor,  to develop comprehensive, industry-leading solutions
  • We’re experienced – our DDoS team, based in our state-of-the-art security operations centre, have years of experience dealing with attacks and have a singular focus on DDoS.
  • We're global - we can recognise and stop the attack before it hits your network

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Previously, your cyber security focus was likely to have been on having a strong perimeter around your network. Nowadays, your users have access to all sorts of solutions and platforms which can leave you wide open to a vast array of risks. And, as a number of high-profile attacks remind us, a security breach can happen to anyone, at any time.

Firewall management can reduce your risks, help you stay on top of regulatory compliance, and meet the demands of a highly instrumented world.

By partnering with us, you can benefit from our relationships with leading security vendors, and you can get access to the latest technology at competitive prices, such as Check Point, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper and Palo Alto Networks managed firewalls.

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