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ESG Addendum to the BT Group plc Manifesto Report 2023

Contains various disclosures and data points, including our Manifesto-related targets and progress, detailed colleague and environmental data, our UN Global Compact CoP, SASB and GRI indexes.

pdf - 680 KB

LRQA Independent Assurance Statement 2023

pdf - 164 KB

Being a responsible and sustainable business shows up in the way we work, our business strategy and the policies we use every day.

BT Group reporting methodology

pdf - 109 KB

We calculated our Scope 3 emissions which met the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Value Chain Scope 3 accounting and reporting standard.

pdf - 175 KB

BT’s supply chain carbon emissions

We calculated the carbon emissions that come from our supply chain. We work with Small World Consulting (SWC) to do that. Their report describes our approach.

pdf - 328 KB

business working responsibly spotlight image 585x448
Our certifications in BT Ireland

BT has been certified with the Business Working Responsibly Mark, the leading independently audited standard for CSR and sustainability in Ireland.

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Our latest reports

New entrants further insights size 740x516
REPORT Our gender pay gap report 2023

We are fully committed to narrowing our gender pay gap, and our annual report illustrates our commitment and passion.

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Wholesale Our Company products further insights
REPORT Our gender pay gap report 2022

We are fully committed to narrowing our gender pay gap, and our annual report illustrates our commitment and passion.

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REPORT BT Environmental Policy

This policy applies to all BT companies globally. We engage with customers & parties doing business with BT, or acting on our behalf, & encourage them to follow this policy.

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Our reports and policies- BT human rights image
REPORT BT human rights: our policy commitment

We believe everyone’s entitled to basic rights and freedoms, whoever they are and wherever they live.

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REPORT Our health, safety and wellbeing policy statement

Our ambition is for BT to become the world’s most trusted connector of people devices and machines.

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REPORT BT Group Charity Approach

Every day, people across BT Group are making a difference by giving their time and enthusiasm to help charities and good causes.

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Our policies and standards

BT human rights: our policy commitment 

(pdf - 91 KB) - 19/03/2022

BT environmental policy

(pdf - 153 KB) - 12/05/2022

BT Group carbon reduction plan

(pdf - 262KB)-14/06/2022-New

BT plastics policy

(pdf - 231 KB) - 13/04/2021

Our health, safety and wellbeing policy statement

(pdf - 501 KB) -10/09/2022

BT Group charity approach

(pdf - 128 KB) - 12/05/2022

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Standard

(pdf - 255 KB) - 30/010/2022

Our standard on gifts and hospitality 

(pdf - 194 KB) - 06/10/2022

Reporting Archive

We've been reporting on our societal and environmental impact since 2001


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BT vulnerability policy statement

We’re committed to treating all our customers fairly and with respect, and this is demonstrated through our investment in training our people.

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Responsible Business

We want to lead the way to a bright, sustainable future. To do that, we’ve made a set of commitments to ensure we’re always striving to be responsible, inclusive and sustainable.

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Privacy Policy

This policy sets out how we handle the information we receive from customers and everyone who uses our products and services. We take this seriously and will always treat this information with the utmost respect and care.

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