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Digital Impact and Sustainability Mar 16, 2020

Why inclusion is important to me

BT Ireland has been accredited as a Healthy Place To Work, and being an inclusive workplace is a major priority for us. With International Women’s Day taking place this coming Sunday, March 8 we asked some of our team to share their perspectives on why inclusion is important to them.

Shay Walsh “An inclusive culture, and a strong sense of belonging, is vital in BT Ireland and our work because as the MD of the business I want to be responsible for a company that is considered a role model in this respect and where women have absolutely no sense of being treated differently in any way to their male colleagues. As a father of two teenage girls I want them to grow up and enter the workforce where such a culture is ubiquitous and know that their father ensured the company that he led had equality as a value that was non-negotiable.”

Rosie McAdam “An inclusive culture, and a strong sense of belonging, is vital in BT Ireland and our work because if you don’t have this, it could be very damaging to our mental health and this would affect every part of your life. We spend over a third of our waking hours in work and it is vital that we all feel like we belong.  A number of years ago I went through a very difficult time with my mental health and I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere in particular.  I’m happy to say I got through it and come out the other side stronger than ever with an even greater sense of belonging.”

Tori Wensley “As someone just starting out their career an inclusive and diverse workplace is vital as it highlights that the company does not expect me to be a carbon copy of the rest of the workforce and allows me to feel confident in bringing my personality and values to all the work that I do here at BT. At the beginning of your career I think it is easy to believe that there is one way of working, and that this is the only way to do something. A diverse workplace fosters a culture where ideas and ways of working are exchanged, challenging the concept that there is only one way to do something and in turn producing better results. As a young person it can be hard to relate to those who have been working for as long as I have been alive (!) so having other people just starting out in their careers here with me has definitely helped me feel like I fit in.”

Those are great insights from Shay, Rosie and Tori and you can read more of those from your colleagues in the attached booklet.

Download our International Womens Days Inclusion booklet