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BTYSTE, Innovation Jan 20, 2020

BT Nextipedia

We hope the symposium lived up to our promise to help you kick-start 2020 with some inspiring stories of how innovation and technologies are enabling businesses win in the race to sustainability in Ireland and abroad.

The purpose of Nextipedia was to celebrate and inspire, and we hope you agree that we delivered. We built Nextipedia as a celebration symposium to our twenty amazing years organising the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition. We wanted Nextipedia to take a look into what is in store for this new decade of technological innovation in a carbon neutral world to inspire an audience of local and global business leaders.

Here’s a three minute video capturing the essence of the symposium, starting with Science and Wildlife Presenter, Liz Bonnin introducing BT Managing Director Shay Walsh, key note speaker Professor Brian Cox and 2019 BT Young Scientist of the Year winner Adam Kelly. We then followed with four amazing inspiring stories of the importance of sustainability, and the role that innovation and technology can play in reducing society’s impact on our climate.

Kingspan’s Mike Stenson shared how pioneering tech is turning pollution into profit, saving energy and the planet while warming Kingspan’s customers buildings. BT’s Gabrielle Giner followed this by outlining how BT are on schedule to reduce our carbon emissions intensity to net zero by 2045. Conor McGann from Plenty shared his personal journey from Trinity College to vertical farming with AI technology in Silicon Valley. Norman Crowley then brought us back to Ireland with an inspiring entrepreneur’s tale of how Crowley Carbon are becoming global leaders in reducing carbon footprints.

Nextipedia was a prelude to the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition which featured the amazing scientific and innovative minds of 1,100 students from 244 schools. The excitement, energy and great minds of these next generation Change Makers will surely empower businesses and societies to overcome the important issues facing us, from climate change to health, to technology, ethics and societal change. 2020 is off to a flying start, and we thank you for joining us on the exciting journey.