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Network Jan 17, 2023

Could the Metaverse be the internet's successor?

The Metaverse has the potential to revolutionise the way we connect, live, work, learn, create and play, becoming the foundation of our digitally enhanced lives.

Across the world, individuals, brands, technology companies, government and non-governmental organisations are working on building it right now.

But the Metaverse will only fulfil its promise if the result of all the effort is a single open ‘universe’, with agreed standards and controls that ensure the convergence of many separate tools, platforms, services and spaces across a shared infrastructure.

Today, there’s significant momentum behind the Metaverse and a growing excitement around mixed reality ‘3D internet’ experiences. Plus, recent advances in hardware, software and infrastructure are bringing it closer. Already, 3D platforms, lower cost Augmented Reality glasses and a virtual market for digital goods are all up and running.

We intend to be ready for the Metaverse, equipped with innovative, effective technologies and solutions that’ll support our customers as the Metaverse evolves.

Download our Metaverse whitepaper for an assessment of its progress and more about the areas we’re working on.

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