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Unified Communications May 25, 2022

Upgrading a new cloud contact solution for a global financial services company

Transforming user experience and bringing faster business results with our trusted user adoption services.

Global insurance company
Financial services
50,000 to 100,000


To fully launch and embrace their new technology, a large multinational bank needed our help with the rollout of a new cloud contact centre solution. They needed someone who understood their business, as well as their people, to deliver a highly tailored programme globally– which is easier said than done.

The challenge

The customer needed to upgrade their voice contact centre solution globally, while also looking for significant cost savings. But against the backdrop of the pandemic, they also needed to foster a culture shift towards hybrid working. The scale and scope of this task posed quite a significant challenge.

To ensure a smooth migration process, we needed to dedicate time and resources to our planning and discovery stages. This enabled us to understand the impact of the new solution on the company’s people and carefully plan how we’d deliver a programme with centralised IT whilst meeting the requirements of the local countries – all with different needs. The priority was to deliver an education and training programme which would drive the change and rapid adoption needed of the new service.

Due to their sheer global scale, the biggest challenge for this customer was managing the migration and user experience globally. They operate with local, regional IT and office leads who had the influence and power to drive the progress of the rollout. But you can’t just go to the end-user as every local site has its own power capabilities. We needed to identify the end-user changes across all global and regional business units and provide recommendations based on the volume of the sites to ensure efficiency.

Like any new enterprise cloud service, the user adoption programme also needed to drive the right behaviour change amongst end-users by educating them on the ‘why to use’ and ‘how to use’. This also needed to extend beyond end-users - building the value proposition for the country leads was equally as important as they influenced the end-users within their region.

BT’s user adoption team were a pleasure to work with. I appreciated their responsiveness and thoroughness with our end user communications… I also appreciated the support the user adoption team provided me in sorting out technical questions and issues that impacted our end user communications.

Head of change integration management

The solution

Providing sound advice through experience and expertise. 

A successful transformation isn’t just about the technology readiness; people readiness is equally important. We outlined the right user adoption support approach to optimise the onboarding process. There was a constant pipeline of consultancy support and advice, something that’s second nature to our dedicated user adoption team. 

Firstly, our specialist ran a two-day workshop with all the relevant stakeholders. We needed to understand and recommend the right user adoption programme. This included understanding where people were based, how many users there would be and how this would be adopted. It was key that decisions were carefully made in each of the business units across many different countries, and whether to ‘train the trainer’ or adopt a ‘train-all’ approach, as well as determining whether to run face-to-face or remote training – so we provided a range of options for the customer and recommended on a site-by-site basis. With a central IT team, adapting to their various needs and views was critical to the outcome.

The preference was to use a ‘train the trainer’ approach and on-site in some regions. However, with the global pandemic onsite training plans had to be delivered remotely at short notice. With our depth and breadth of experience allowing us to accommodate the changes to the new approach successfully.

We managed to deliver an extensive virtual training programme to onboard users, with a bespoke approach for each business unit. This included live virtual training sessions and recorded sessions for agents, supervisors and administrators. This enabled smooth migration to the sites. Once users had a chance to use the features, we also delivered refresher training sessions and extra sessions on reporting for supervisors.

On-demand learning was key and therefore we built an e-learning site with tailored user guides and short videos based on their configuration and use cases. Our experts had access to the client’s platform to allow them to be fully tailored for example with the correct screenshots.

But it didn’t stop there. We continuously captured feedback to improve the programme delivery and ensure each region received a high quality of training and support. To provide additional language help, we translated our guides into French, German and Italian which was key to success.

The result

We successfully delivered a user adoption programme to onboard users, seamlessly integrating new solutions which improved the working lives of employees. Our extensive training programme had a bespoke approach for each business unit which was committed to creating a continuous learning culture and improving the user’s skillset.

Critically, we supported the customer through the unexpected – a workforce shifting to homeworking, with no disruption to business operations. We delivered the support according to our plan, deadlines, and the overall business strategy and the customer is on track to achieving their aspired cost savings. We also received very positive feedback from both decision makers and users.

As a result of the successful migration to the new platform, the organisation is working with us on other cloud collaboration and communications rollouts. As a trusted partner we have demonstrated we not only provide the technology but also the right support for people readiness with our user adoption service.