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Network Jun 13, 2022

Sparkling new ideas for Kärcher’s digital transformation

How we transformed this cleaning manufacturer's operations with cloud-based connectivity.

Cleaning equipment manufacturer
10,000 to 50,000


Kärcher has always been one step ahead. The world’s largest cleaning equipment manufacturer invented Europe’s first hot-water pressure washer in 1950. Today, Kärcher is working on everything from robotics to eco-friendly cleaning tools that use less energy and are more recyclable. The company also launched 150 new products in 2019 – more than it had ever achieved before within a single year.

When the company needed to upgrade its network, it wanted a partner that valued innovation as much as them. That’s why Kärcher came to us.

The challenge

Kärcher’s existing network was under a lot of pressure.  To create an agile working environment, team members were increasingly connecting in the cloud. While the manufacturer was also offering new online services built on its ‘cleaning on demand’ platform, to appeal to customers' high-tech tastes.

This growing digital demand was affecting the network’s performance. This made it harder for Kärcher to expand at the speed it wanted and risked impacting customers experience online. While sending its IT maintenance costs spiralling.

Kärcher needed a digital transformation that would clean up its operations. Making its network smarter, faster, more secure and more reliable. So the company could work the way it wanted to.

We now have a network that can flex for what's next.

Leonard Kerscher, Directory, IT & Digital Transformation, Karcher

The solution

To help Kärcher adapt, we created a custom networking solution that was built on three cornerstones: growth, security and innovation. This started with improving its infrastructure. To handle the increased traffic flow, we added intelligent connectivity that can automatically prioritise business-critical apps, while added control makes it easier for Kärcher to scale its systems as it expands.

Moving to the cloud opens businesses up to increased cyber-threats. So we added several layers of protection to keep Kärcher’s data safe. This included a new firewall to defend the company’s entire network, plus endpoint protection to detect and respond to threats on individual devices faster.

To make sure Kärcher’s global network is always up to date, we added a service wrap. While the company remains in control of its security policies, our experts routinely check its infrastructure for vulnerabilities and maintain its firewall. While another team makes sure all its Cisco hardware and software stays compliant.

The result

Kärcher now has a network that can flex for what’s next. The automatic traffic prioritisation means customers always get the best experience when using its online services. And deploying applications at scale is simple, so team members always have the tools they need.

Next-level security means the cleaning manufacturer can stay protected. It remains in control of policies, so can still work the way they want. But our managed support also means Kärcher get up-to-the-minute reports on their system’s health. So it can block threats before they reach its network, reducing risk.

This all means it’s easier for the company to expand, embrace new technologies and keep pace with the ever-changing business landscape.