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Unified Communications Jun 19, 2022

Helping Almirall get new medicines to the market

Providing global collaboration tools to keep millions free from medical problems.

Life sciences
Less than 10,000


Drugs from Almirall help millions overcome medical problems from allergies to migraines. The company was facing a headache of its own, however, with different comms systems across its worldwide subsidiaries. These disparate technologies made communication hard and slowed decision-making. That hampered the firm’s ability to enter new territories and bring novel products to market.

With a fully-managed Cisco collaboration suite hosted by BT, Almirall anticipates improvements in productivity and staff satisfaction. And, with worldwide research and development teams working together more effectively, the Almirall pipeline of new patents will grow faster.

The challenge

  • Almirall needed a worldwide collaboration solution to help deliver global expansion plans
  • Hosted at BT data centres, the solution gives Almirall centralised control and local execution
  • Cisco collaboration suite includes Jabber, Telepresence, and WebEx
  • Almirall people can now connect from anywhere, at any time
  • Collaborative technologies can be deployed and maintained by BT wherever in the world Almirall needs to work.

The solution

As with Almirall, in a world that continues to globalise, keeping everyone working together and in step in all four corners of the globe is both a problem and an opportunity. We have sure-fire ways to take advantage of the collaborative chance presented.

The result

Collaboration’s all very well but not if you’ve got to keep hundreds of devices up-to-date in locations across all continents. That’s the stuff of nightmares for the IT fraternity. It doesn’t have to be like that. Hosted solutions mean everything’s running at the latest software version and all that’s required for the end user is a network connection or even the internet.

Download our Almirall Case Study

Almirall Video follows me everywhere I go. with my iPad, with my iPhone, I can connect wherever I am. It's immediate, just a snap of your fingers. I have all my colleagues connected with TelePresence and I can instantly message them, call them and, if we need it, just WebEx.

Nuria Sana, Aqua Integration Project Manager, Almirall

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