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Unified Communications Jun 18, 2022

Helping a global insurance company migrate to unified communications with our user adoption service

A new cloud-based meetings solution is delivering a great user experience and enhancing collaboration.

Global insurance company
Financial services
50,000 to 100,000


To accelerate its digital transformation, one of our largest customers – a global insurance company – needed to embrace hybrid cloud technologies. This would enable them to deliver a greater experience to their users and customers, enhance collaboration and improve operational efficiency. The key was to ensure that everyone across the organisation was on board to fully embrace the new technology. But in order to do that they needed to transform user behaviour and change the company culture, which is not an easy task.

The challenge

Technology is changing fast. But it’s important to recognise that digital transformation isn’t just about the tech, it’s about people. Being a global organisation with 55,000 staff around the world, the customer recognised that in order to support their digital transformation they needed to move away from their existing single audio and web conferencing service to a new, scalable and cost-effective unified communications platform. The latest Webex Meetings solution would give their employees and customers a better, more consistent meeting experience. The challenge was to educate 12,000 users before, after and during the migration to ensure the roll out was a success. And that’s where our user adoption service came in.

The BT team were extremely collaborative working alongside our internal change management team to ensure the end user experience is fully considered and managed through a significant enterprise-wide chance.

Head of Release Management

The solution

A big part of our user adoption service is taking the time to understand our customers’ business challenges. We believe this isn’t the responsibility of just one person. That’s why we have a dedicated user adoption team with experience in helping organisations achieve faster business results and ongoing value from their cloud technology investment.

The customer’s dedicated user adoption specialist worked alongside their internal change management team, to understand their user’s current behaviour and identify the change required. This helped us to identify the best engagement approach and ensure the end user experience was fully considered and managed across the whole organisation.

Without a user adoption strategy employees often waste time trying to find training support and calling helpdesks. So as part of the plan, we created a series of generic and targeted awareness email campaigns informing users that the customer was upgrading their comms tools as part of their drive to improve user experience and align regional teams to the organisation’s global strategy. Welcome emails were also sent out with information on how to get started with the new service, including reminders to close their old legacy service accounts. We also produced a number of articles about the benefits of Webex Meetings, which were posted to the customer’s internal communication channels.

We know users are eager to learn new skills with their collaboration and communication tools. That’s why we built self-learning training into the customer’s user adoption plan, creating a web portal with bespoke user guides, best practice and FAQs that users could refer to at their leisure, or whenever they needed support. We also delivered informal, personal high touch one-to-one coaching and onsite training. In total, we provided 59 scheduled training sessions that were recorded and uploaded to the self-serve learning portal for users ongoing development. The customer also wanted language support as part of their service, so we translated the training sessions into Spanish for employees at the company’s new HQ in Madrid.

Throughout the programme we had regular project reviews with the customer and provided bespoke daily reports of the old and new service, to monitor success and develop next step recommendations in real-time.

The result

Global change

We successfully helped the customer change user behaviour and get everyone on board, including the different business units and country leads.

We smoothly migrated 12,000 employees to Cisco’s single Webex Meetings platform, without any business disruption while educating and informing each individual user on how to get started and make the most out of the new service through tailored content and assets.

The programme achieved the company’s goal – 67% user adoption and 3,000 new users registered within the first month of launch.