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Unified Communications Jun 18, 2022

BDO Ireland

Upgrade your old phone system to Microsoft Teams from BT. A simple, flexible solution

BDO Ireland
Audit, Tax and Advisory Services
less than 5,000


Once pandemic-related home working had led their employees to make more use of Microsoft Teams, there was no going back for BDO Ireland. When it was time to return to the office, they knew they needed to find a Microsoft Teams solution that could replace their old phone system, while maintaining its benefits and functionality.

The challenge

The pandemic prompted BDO Ireland to make significant technological changes. When lockdown initially struck and they had to close their offices in Dublin, Limerick and Cork, MS Teams provided the means for them to work remotely.

The solution

We’ve been providing network services to BDO for over a decade, so we spent a lot of time exploring their best options with them. They decided to take Microsoft Teams with an integrated attendant console, delivered over our industry-leading voice network.

The result

Cost-saving wasn’t the only objective in providing this new solution, as BDO were already benefitting from our highly competitive call rates - it was more about adapting to a culture change in the way the company worked, and advancing the move to digital. That said, the simplicity of using the solution and its advanced management capabilities have led to huge time savings around system updates, as well as adding, moving and changing users on the system.

Download our BDO case study