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Contact Centre Solutions Mar 26, 2024

A global tech provider for world class hospitality brands improves their Customer Experience with Five9

A global technology provider for world-class hospitality brands modernised its contact centre, improving efficiencies with the Five9 platform. This strategic move empowers the company's customers to deliver exceptional guest experiences.



A global technology provider for world-class hospitality brands handles more than 135,000 support calls annually from multiple global contact centre locations. As the centre of operations, the contact centre provides 24x7 follow-the-sun support to ensure that hospitality brands can deliver excellence to their guests. Like many brands, the company has been modernising its product suite and infrastructure, which meant moving their contact centre to the cloud. 

Before making the move, the organisation had an on-premise contact centre platform that - despite vendor promises - failed to live up to performance expectations. We never received good services from them for support, configuration, or customisation, despite having been told we would and after numerous meetings with executives," explain the manager. "We knew it was time to move to a cloud solution that could deliver out of the box. Five9 was that solution."

After an expedited deployment, the technology provider experienced immediate benefits. "We are so ecstatically happy - both our agents and managers. Now we can route calls and appropriately, know who is calling in, stay on top of KPIs easily, understand where call metrics are, and provide systems where managers can step in, listen to a call, and provide support when needed."

Five9 has definitely been the right choice for us, and we look forward to growing with them as our partner.

Integrating into Microsoft Teams for ease of use

Because the company uses Microsoft Teams across the enterprise, it wanted a contact centre platform that could integrate. Using UC integration with Microsoft Teams UC adapter within the Teams interface makes everything appear as one seamless Teams platform for users. "Five9 works very well in Teams. In comparison with our previous solution, it's a night and day difference. We use Teams for internal chat and it gives us a documented record to file which is wonderful for SOC or customer audits. We have also used Teams for group meetings, for instance when a customer needs to upgrade and needed a number of tech on the line for an open line support, they can chat with the tech team within Teams and then pop that open into an immediate meeting and troubleshoot if needed."

Experiencing measurable benefits

In an industry where 25 to 35 minute average answer times are common during peak times, the organisation prides itself on its KPI of a three-minute average answer time. "Prior to Five9, it was a nonstop fight to get agents to pick up calls faster. I don't have to do that anymore. We're about a minute faster, which turns into dollars," the manager reports.

"We try to hit 15 minutes for the call and 1.5 minutes for the wrap-up. Anytime you go 90 seconds to 2 minutes over that, it costs me $75k, or one head count, to cover things. We have this discussion with management consistently," he explained. "Five9 has allowed me to run leaner and be more efficient based on technology and ease of use for our team. I've shaved off a minute of time without changing operations, and that's pretty cool."

The Five9 queue callback feature has also been very popular. Customers can call in and hit the queue call back button and can continue service with their guests. Five9 has fulfilled our needs out of the box, it's been exactly what we needed," Smith says. "A cloud-based system, no more issues with outages, and having failovers and safety built in has been very important. Our agents did the asynchronous online training, and they picked it up and went forward the next day. They love it".

Compressing implementation

The company reports a positive experience with implementation. "We had rockstar project managers and technical support from Five9. Every single question received an immediate answer. Our follow-up scheduling was weird because of our global nature, and they facilitated that without complaint. The configuration ease and setup with Five9 was super easy and met our needs very well."

"Five9 stayed ahead of us during our compressed deployment to make sure we were where we needed to be. I've never had that before during an enterprise deployment. We were surprised that Five9 was able to align with us, and we were really impressed. I couldn't have asked for a better team.

The manager wanted to configure and maintain Five9 without a third-arty vendor as an intermediary. "The Five9 system is so easy, we manage it ourselves, and it's a piece of cake.

Anticipating contact centre expansion

The organisation has recently deployed Five9 Workforce Management (WFM) and uses it to streamline its complex scheduling process. It has seven levels of technicians. WFM enables it to easily see who's on shift and available to take calls. Their previous scheduling process was manual and required a lot of time. "With Five9 WFM, we're able to schedule much easier and much faster. It has saved us a lot of hours," reports the manager. The team is also deploying Five9 Quality Management and expects that it will enable managers to deliver better coaching to agents.

As the company expands its contact centre, "We're going to be adding headcount, and I see some innovation coming that I've asked for with Ai," the managed added. The business is also considering more efficiencies and how it can innovate to stay ahead of competitors - with text messaging, for example. They also envision adding a quality management team and possible more global expansion.

"Five9 has definitely been the right choice for us, and we look forward to growing with them as our partner."