Emergency Call Answering Service (ECAS)


Following the introduction of the Communications Regulation (Amendment) Act of 2007, the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR) tendered for a supplier to provide the Emergency Call Answering Service (ECAS) for Ireland. On completion of this open tender process BT was awarded the contract (known as a Concession Agreement) to provide 112 and 999 call answering services on behalf of the State of Ireland. The service is currently provided by eircom.


This Website provides contractual and reference information to assist Authorised Providers of Public Electronic Communications Networks and Services (“Providers”).


ECAS Reference Interconnect Offer (RIO) and Location Information Reference Offer (LIRO)


To provide legal and regulatory certainty BT will be entering into contracts with the Providers supplying 112/999 calls or location information to ECAS and these contracts will be known as the Reference Interconnect Offer (“RIO”) for Providers directly interconnecting to the BT ECAS, and the Location Information Interconnect Offer (“LIRO”) for Providers not directly interconnected, but using the BT ECAS to fulfil the 999 obligations in their Authorisation to operate. The RIO incorporates the LIRO.


A short explanation of the RIO and LIRO


For Providers that intend to directly interconnect with the ECAS and also provide Location Information the complete Reference Interconnect Offer (RIO) should form the basis of the contract between BT (providing the ECAS) and the Provider.


BT acknowledges that many Providers will be availing of transit services from third parties hence they will not be directly interconnecting with the ECAS although they will still be providing Location Information to the ECAS. The Location Information aspects form a subset of the RIO and for clarity this subset will be known as the Location Information Reference Offer (LIRO) and will form the basis of the contract between Providers not directly interconnected, but providing Location Information under the LIRO terms of this Agreement.


Structurally the whole of the document forms the RIO and the aspects that do not apply for the LIRO are provided in the ‘Definitions and Interpretation’ section, and as set out in Section 5 (“Scope”). Providers select whether they will contract with BT through the RIO/LIRO selection on the signature page of the main body of the agreement.


The RIO (of which the LIRO is a subset) is structured as a main agreement with five schedules attached detailing the various aspects of the service. Additionally four key technical specification documents are referenced by the RIO/LIRO.




The ECAS is paid for through the Call Handling Fee which is published below.


BT ECAS Price List


The RIO / LIRO and Schedules


Download BT RIO (and LIRO) Documentation (PDF)

Download RIO Schedule 1 document (PDF)

Download RIO Schedule 2 document (PDF)

Download RIO Schedule 3 document (PDF)

Download RIO and LIRO Schedule 4 document (PDF)

Download RIO and LIRO Schedule 5 document (PDF)


Key local Specifications Referenced by the ECAS RIO


The Fixed Line Location Information Specification. Defines the format for the fixed location information required from fixed operators. This is an ECAS specification based on the original Dept. draft.


The Mobile location – Part I Transfer specification. This is unchanged from the department draft and referenced by Schedule 3 of the RIO.


The Mobile Location Conversion specification. Defines the format for the mobile location conversion information required from the MOLOs This is an ECAS specification based on the original dept draft.


The Data Transfer Specification. Defines the method of transfer and associated process. This is an ECAS specification.


Enquiries about testing new Voice over IP installations


Organisations may need to contact ECAS to verify that new VoIP installations (PBXs) can call 112/999. if your company is implementing a new VoIP switch we suggest that you test 999 and 112 calls to ECAS by contacting ecas.operations@bt.com


ECAS Enquiries


If you have queries about ECAS then please contact Mick Kelly, Head of Operations -ECAS, Ph. +353 86 2413 851, Email michael.kelly@bt.com


ECAS Complaints


If you have a complaint about ECAS then please use the following freephone number: Freephone: 1800 882 830