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Your customers want a full digital experience journey

Organisations know that customer experience innovation today comes from digitising the ordering processes for the most complex products, and assisting customers at every stage.

Global Voice for CPaaS enables you to deliver enhanced communication and collaboration capabilities to your customers by seamlessly integrating voice through APSs into your platform.

    Our Capabilities

    We offer a broad range of capabilities for a seamless digital experience

    Our service is specifically designed to meet the needs of UCaaS and CPaaS providers. Some of the key feature include:

    • comprehensive connection: MPLS and internet
    • ordering through API interface or portal
    • secure and highly reliable services
    • voice services with global reach
    • geographic and non-geographic numbers availability
    • managed legal and regulatory compliance in multiple geographies.

    APIs and dedicated portal

    With our efficient APIs, you'll be able to:

    • order new geographic and non-geographic numbers
    • request porting of existing numbers
    • check order status in real-time
    • modify and cease existing numbers.

    You'll also have access to a dedicated portal, where you can order new numbers and find everything from product content, sales collateral and regulatory insight, to service monitoring through inventory and performance metrics.

    Why choose BT?

    Why choose BT for Global Voice for CPaaS?

    With various SIP solutions in the market, it's important to call out how our service is differentiated.

    Truly global coverage

    We provide coverage to countries around the world, and we're continuously expanding our coverage.

    Our experience

    We're a leader in voice technology, serving over 350 global customers, including some of the most influential companies in the world.

    Reliability of service

    We monitor voice quality and promptly resolve faults to ensure the best calling experience. Our VQSP (Voice Quality and SIP Performance) tool lets you track your SIP usage and service behaviour to detect any anomalies.

    Fraud detection and prevention

    We strictly comply with GLF code of conduct to prevent fraud in international communications, and the protection of our partners' business is our priority.


    Simple and easy ordering via API interface for geographic and non-geographic numbers.

    Choose between internet or MPLS interconnection

    Coverage in 20 countries across Europe, the Americas and AMEA, with more to come.

    Robust compliance and specialist insight into global regulatory requirements.

    Dedicated portal for a comprehensive digital experience, including inventory checking and key voice performance metrics monitoring*.

    We're champions in fraud prevention and strictly comply with the GLF code of conduct.

    *Main key voice metrics tracked including MOS, packet loss, jitter, PDD, CPS, MOU, utilisation and SIP response codes

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