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The challenge

To develop a platform that allowed them to scale, advance and diversify their services.

The solution

Transferring their legacy technology to IP 

The results

The new SIP technology successfully going live

The challenge

Spoke needed to stay at the top of the sector and grow their business. They wanted to scale, advance and diversify their service as well as develop a platform from which they could innovate. They understood that doing so would require an upgrade from the existing technology, as well as investment. For example, if they were going to support a live broadcast with members of the public dialling in to donate, they’d need a flexible system that allowed them to scale in real-time depending on their needs.

While they knew what support they needed, they didn’t want to lose any functionality during the transfer from their legacy technology to IP, and they were keen to develop the solution in partnership with us.

Spoke Interactive- View website

Sector- Telecoms

Organisation size- Medium (50-999 employees)

Customer business size- Small (6-50 employees)

Products and Services- Wholesale SIP Trunking, Training and tools

The solution

Spoke Interactive was the first company to use our new product, Wholesale SIP trunking, so this was a learning curve for both of us. There was very little process in place. So we’ve now used what we learned with Spoke to introduce flexible processes and enhance all our customer support. Working through things together helped us develop an excellent relationship with Spoke who were a collaborative and eager launch customer.

Developing a mutual understanding, knowledge and finding clarity around the tech was a very collaborative exercise. To future-proof Spoke, we moved them from an old legacy network to an SIP-based network while they developed an interactive voice response (IVR) tool. Together, we knew we’d be able to achieve a capacity of SIP-based call handling that would make charity payment processing easy. As the solution was IP-based, we both recognised it would be very flexible in terms of bandwidth, but also with compatibility to third party products.

Security and guaranteeing revenue were the key drivers in developing new technology with Spoke. We had to consider how an SIP product would give them all the secure and complete Dialled Number Identification Service (DNIS) information so they could steer a call to the right place. 

Gurmail Singh, Head of Development Services at Spoke, commented, “BT Wholesale introduced SIP technology that meant we had to upgrade our servers. We went from eight individual servers to two. This not only meant lower hardware costs, but it also enabled us to handle thousands of concurrent calls. We also didn’t have to rely on additional hardware to scale for challenging projects, we could do that with ease.

The implementation of SIP technology allows us to develop bespoke products more than ever before. It future proofs our capability, gives us flexibility and the opportunity to innovate for our customers.

Andrew Keil of Visytel Pty Ltd, Spoke's platform partner

Products and services used

Wholesale SIP Trunking

Hosted SIP Trunking is the solution that will carry customers from legacy to the next generation of communications

Training and tools

Our sales tools and training services will enable you and your staff to sell more, increase revenue and grow your business.

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The results

Reflecting on the results of the first use with a customer, Gurmail was delighted with the performance. “All worked perfectly well on the night. We were able to deal with very large number of calls simultaneously on the SIP network and not one call was lost. The quality was fantastic. With the old system we would have experienced delays and the audio would have suffered too but it was flawless”.

We were proud to showcase an industry innovator and be the first to market with a customer’s core projects. With the collaborative approach to developing and delivering the technology they are able to reach their vision for their business. As Tom Hines, Spoke’s Media Services Director says, “the first push of the technology was focused on one vertical, but we’re now confident that we can apply it to lots of other sectors and replicate the success.”

Damon is very clear, “Working with BT Wholesale gave us the confidence to invest in our technology platform and make it state of the art. We’ve taken the functionality far beyond that of our old platforms and avoided an expensive upgrade. Not only have we been able to greenlight investment, we’ve also future proofed our capabilities and are able to consider opportunities that we would never have had on the old tech because it was too prohibitive and lacked functionality. Now, we can go after business that we couldn’t have typically reached in the past and meet specific requirements from clients because we have far more flexibility”.

Working with BT Wholesale gave us the confidence to invest in our technology platform and make it state of the art.

Damon Russell, CEO of Spoke Interactive

He concludes, “Having identified a gap in the market and building on our long standing relationship, BT and Spoke collaborated to create an exciting new platform. This offers our customers a seamless multi- channel payment gateway solution using BT’s SIP architecture which has already delivered impressive results”.

Paul Barter, Media & Broadcast Head of Sales, added, “it’s great to collaborate with Damon, Gurmail and the Spoke team in helping to guide their success. Through making it easy to move from legacy systems to our Managed SIP service, this allows Spoke access to more scalable and flexible bandwidth, and offers them new apps and lower cost of ownership. It enables Spoke to innovate with new services and keep their position as a market leading service provider with their capabilities and are able to consider opportunities that we would media customers.”

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