Wholesale Internet Connect

For those customers that demand high-performance internet access, BT provides the perfect gateway product to take yours and your customers’ data to the internet. Our enterprise-grade connectivity combines high bandwidth and reliable diverse internet routing at a market leading Wholesale price point.

The internet has become the lifeblood of business and every organisation needs to connect, whether it’s from their premises, data centre or network point-of-presence. Choose BT as a single supplier for your internet traffic and make life simple for your business and your customers. Take the pain out of having to deploy and then manage their internet access from multiple locations.
We use BT Wholesale Ethernet to connect you to our network and to move your traffic to global internet transit providers in a multi-route service that is resilient, flexible and secure. Combining local expertise and global reach, BT ensures you get a market-leading service at a competitive price.

Features and Benefits

End-to-end service – remove complexity when transiting internet traffic from Ireland to the world by minimising “network hops” and potential points of failure.
Resilience and diversity – using global internet transit networks from BT, Tiscali and Cogent, we guarantee a resilient and diverse service that will give your customers peace of mind.
High performance – we provide consistent, high-speed internet connectivity with reduced latency for local traffic, backed by stringent SLAs and QoS (Quality-of-Service) options.
Flexibility and value – bandwidth speeds can be adjusted with Wholesale Internet Connect depending on the demand, giving you and your customers the flexibility to change your requirements and only pay for what you need.
Added value services – make your customer’s life simpler by leveraging BT’s suite of data services, including Ethernet connectivity, data centre co-location and hosting services.

BT peers in INEX – which provides IP peering facilities in Ireland that we use locally, saving our customers transit and subscription costs. We also peer through large and small networks globally, minimising “network hops” and giving our wholesale customers the best possible reach as part of an end-to-end service.

Why choose BT for Internet Connect?


BT is at the forefront of global internet connectivity and a pioneer of IP services. We have been in the Gartner Network Services Magic Quadrant as Leader for the past 11 years. Our networks reach over 200 countries and are used by 98% of FTSE100 and 84% of Fortune 500 companies.

Local/Global capability

We are Europe’s largest telecoms services wholesaler by revenue and market share, and the second largest fixed line wholesaler in the Republic of Ireland, serving over 50 operators. We have points-of-presence in 260 European cities and national reach locally in Ireland.


From flexible contract terms and competitive pricing to the dedicated delivery manager that ensures the smooth deployment of every product, we provide an end-to-end service unmatched by our competitors.


Buying from BT means buying from a world-class communications provider with vast experience in the design, building and management of secure networks around the globe. We operate in more than 75 countries and have one of the world’s largest pools of qualified experts.

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