Wholesale Ethernet Connect

Carrier Ethernet is the technology of choice for flexible, scalable, highly reliable and great value WAN connectivity.  Service providers can use our Ethernet services to expand and optimise their own network, or to resell to their corporate customers to drive revenue opportunities and bundle with their other communications services.

Data services are constantly evolving as organisations look to optimise application performance across multiple locations. With BT’s Wholesale Ethernet Connect, you and your customers can manage the complexity more easily with a transparent and cost-effective service that lets you aggregate bandwidth and tailor connectivity to specific business needs.

An uncontended and symmetrical service, which means a guaranteed speed in both directions, Wholesale Ethernet Connect is the best option for extending corporate networks over a WAN. A highly scalable solution that is easy to manage, it can be used by Service Providers for their own network or resold to customers.

Features and Benefits

Prioritise traffic with class of Service - Differentiate and prioritize critical traffic like voice and video by splitting the source traffic from a customer into a number of separate service classes, each attracting its own quality of service targets

Speed options – 512Kbps-1Gbps comes as standard with the option of escalating speeds all the way up to 10Gbps, allowing for aggregation of multiple services on a single connection.

Future proof – Wholesale Ethernet Connect can be scaled and adjusted to meet changing requirements, enabling new applications and processes to be deployed with confidence.

Granular control – choose from six Class of Service categories that offer prioritisation and partitioning to deliver the performance you need on a site-by-site basis, covered by end-to-end Service Level Agreements.

Network consolidation – aggregate multiple applications over one circuit to simplify operations and reduce capital investment in power, space and network equipment.

National reach – a combination of BT’s core network and our approved third-party suppliers enable us to offer the widest geographic reach of Ethernet across Ireland, using fibre and copper as the access technologies.

BT Etherway provides the physical access to our core network, available over fibre at 1Gbps and 10Gbps, or over copper at up to 20Mbps. Higher bandwidth access enables multiple applications to share a single path.  A single connection results in significant cost savings because it needs less power, smaller rack space, and a single network termination unit.

BT Ethernet Virtual Connection is a highly adaptive, high-performance Layer 2 Ethernet WAN service, used to define the connectivity between sites, enabling the creation of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks with granular bandwidth options so you can pick the service that best fits your requirement – from 512kbps to 10Gbps.

Additional access resilience is available as an optional extra with Etherway Diverse and Etherway Diverse+.

Why choose BT for Ethernet?


BT is at the forefront of global WAN technology and is a pioneer of Ethernet services. We have been in the Gartner Network Services Magic Quadrant as Leader for the past 11 years. Our networks reach over 180 countries and are used by 98% of FTSE100 and 84% of Fortune 500 companies.

Local/Global capability

We are Europe’s largest telecoms services wholesaler by revenue and market share, and the second largest fixed line wholesaler in ROI, serving over 50 operators.


From flexible contract terms and competitive pricing to the dedicated delivery manager that ensures smooth delivery of every product, we provide an end-to-end service unmatched by our competitors.


Buying from BT means buying from a world-class communications provider with vast experience in the design, build and management of secure networks around the globe. We operate in more than 75 countries and have one of the world’s largest pools of qualified experts.

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