Give your users the best collaboration tools

Adopt a global unified comms solution and eliminate your ‘shadow IT’

Our approach

You face a significant challenge if different lines of business have implemented different communication tools

The sheer number of cloud-based collaboration tools available online may mean your users are bypassing your IT departments and signing up to services as and when they need them.

As a result, your business can face a confusing sprawl of (often incompatible) comms solutions spread across different geographies and departments. This so-called ‘shadow IT’ makes it difficult for you to retain effective oversight and control over your IT costs and strategy.

It can also impact collaboration. After all, how can you communicate effectively if no one speaks the same language?

You want to give your users a compelling and consistent experience that meets their need for access to the latest and best tools, yet lets you retain the management oversight you need to stay agile and competitive.

"80 per cent of employees agree today that better communications would make a big difference to their success and 9 in 10 employees say mobile apps and collaboration tools help boost their productivity."

People, productivity and the digital workplace,
Davies Hickman Partners, 2018