Managing Critical Sites

High performance, highly secure connectivity between critical sites and datacentres.

Depending on your industry a critical site can range from factories, to oil rigs, to trading floors, to chemical plants, to military sites or nuclear reactors. The one thing these sites have in common is the need to have high performance, high availability, high resilience and secure network connections to data centres and systems that ensure the operation is not compromised. Whether it is a revenue, reputation or regulation impact (or all three), if something goes wrong your business feels the pain.

You need to protect and defend such sites rigorously against intrusion and attack – whether physical or virtual. The threats today are more numerous than they’ve ever been – from criminals seeking to cripple critical systems in order to extract ransom payments, all the way through to state-sponsored cyberterrorism and espionage. So, you need to focus your network and security expenditure in the right places.

At the same time these sites typically have very specific requirements, in terms of performance and uptime, or indeed might need to follow specific country regulations. To do that, you’ll need to make sure you have the appropriate network for the job.

However, companies are also seeking to exploit the cost and productivity benefits of cloud solutions provided by the likes of SAP or Amazon or Microsoft Azzure to run their applications rather than their own data centres, but connecting to these via Internet connections risks compromising the core operation.

You’ll want to invest in a high-performance MPLS network with a reliable high-bandwidth connection to ensure the smooth, secure and uninterrupted running of operations with the highest degree of built-in resiliency. You’ll also need the capability to enforce rigorous access and security policies, as well as having tested and workable contingencies in place in case something does go wrong.

That means working with highly experienced, specialist partners fully certified to deliver secure and compliant networking technologies and services. And, by using a dedicated connection from your MPLS network to your cloud provider you will help to ensure end to end availability, reliability and security. Why not talk to us to find out more?

"Whether it is a revenue, reputation or regulation impact (or all three), if something goes wrong your business feels the pain."

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