Keep up with the changing threat landscape

Pinpoint security issues and get the right intelligence to act swiftly

Our approach

You need an agile, proactive approach to security that keeps pace with rapidly evolving threats and opportunities. And you need the ability to predict where digital threats will come from and ward them off before they impact your organisation.

What if you could combine intelligence from multiple sources – including government, partners and your own global network – to get a birds-eye view of what’s going on, and accurately address your risk and measure its impact?

With the right understanding and intelligence, you can better anticipate trends and patterns.

In turn, this can help inform and improve your policies and standards, as well as strengthen your day-to-day security.

Our experienced analysts proactively identify and assess unusual or suspicious activity and respond quickly on your behalf. With our security intelligence portfolio, you get 24/7 global monitoring and assessment of cyber threats and anomalous behaviour. Having this information at your fingertips means you can continually learn, improve and be more robust in your cyber defence.

"With BT’s Cyber Security Platform, we can successfully complete work that previously took around two weeks in less than 30 seconds."

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