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The results are in – CIO’s are under pressure!

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The results are in

The results are in – CIOs are under pressure!

Research commissioned by BT Ireland shows that 68% of CIOs / IT Leaders are under significant pressure to deliver value internally. And if that’s the case, then they clearly haven’t started to plan an IT strategy that will yield the expected value, thus leading to a turbulent 24 months that could define their career. The only option is to cross the rubicon and adopt a hybrid IT strategy – leverage traditional data centre services and Cloud services to create the best fit IT platform for your business, now and in the future.

IT decisions and solutions implemented in the near future will have a big impact in meeting future business demands

Thinking about what is going to happen in the next 5 years is thinking too far ahead, but the IT decisions and solutions implemented in the near future will have a big impact on how an organisation consumes the IT services needed to meet future business demands. There are many choices available to CIOs / IT Leaders and there is no clear path the right solution, mainly because every business has its own strategy, culture and behaviours.

Choice does lead to confusion, especially if every choice is considered in isolation. Maybe the answer is to look at the collective rather than the individual and choose a partner who can deliver all elements, seamlessly. This approach ensures that todays needs are met, but also future needs are considered and provisioned for, no matter how quickly the future comes around. The result: an IT platform that evolves as your business does, regardless of the infrastructure need.

Welcome to the world of shadow IT

So what happens if the CIO / IT Leader decides to stick with the solution of today rather than create and implement a hybrid IT strategy? The research tells us that departments will take the law into their own hands, so to speak, and procure directly from providers without carrying out any due diligence – welcome to the world of shadow IT. 48% of CIOs / IT Leaders reported that change to their role is being driven by personnel taking on IT activities. The reality is that the employees hand is being forced; they can’t get the service they require through internal IT channels so they procure “as a service” from online providers. The only concern for the majority of these departments is “can the online supplier meet my needs” and, in many cases, they can, or at the very least, deliver more than they can get internally. The exposure to the business is a concern as there is little consideration for data protection, data life cycle or security.

Who will be the strategic business enabler?

Another by-product of Shadow IT is role erosion of the CIO / IT leader. If internal departments are helping themselves, then the CIOs / IT Leaders role is being severely undermined. Now the role becomes more about “care & maintain” rather than a strategic business enabler. Lets be clear, someone will take on the role of strategic business enabler and make the necessary decisions required .

Rather than change this trend, why not embrace it?

In the research, 61% reported a growing expectation from managers and colleagues to demonstrate greater business benefits and impact from IT. Rather than change this trend, why not embrace it? – there is clearly a demand for doing things different and this trend should be met but on the terms of the CIO / IT leader, resulting in the user getting the same output, just executed in a fully compliant manner.

The Research

BT Ireland commissioned Amárach to conduct this research as part of the launch of its new public cloud offering; BT Cloud Compute. This is cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which enables organisations to create, deploy, scale and manage cloud infrastructure both locally and globally across 20 jurisdictions, including Ireland, covering five continents. The survey was comprised of over 115 IT decision makers in top indigenous and multinational companies based in Ireland, with an average employee size of over 300 staff.  A cross-section of firms were surveyed in terms of sectors, sizes and a mix of B2B and B2C operations. The survey explored the changing role of IT in business, and expectations about the future of the IT role itself as well as the contribution of IT to future business success.

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For further information on the research, please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.



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