Entrust infrastructure to a partner that can mitigate business challenges, not add to them.


You’re stuck in a perfect storm. Mounting pressure on drug/device prices combined with increased regulation (EU FMD; US DSCS) makes it harder to innovate and maintain a strong R&D pipeline.  Pressure’s on to evolve your global supply chain (with automation, robotics, analytics) and build secure digital bridges to partners and patients. It’s time to centralise control and governance to better manage market changes, and optimise a complex, globalised business.

We create the space for BioPharma/MedTech clients to focus on core business pain points; designing and implementing secure systems and agile cloud services to help. Our Managed Services avoid IT and network investments becoming part of the storm.

Our ability to deliver digital infrastructure on a global scale, gives you the dynamic network infrastructure to connect securely with partners/patients and compete in new markets quickly and competitively.

Migration from physical to digital services will advance your digital transformation initiatives. 

Organisational expertise combined with a rich product portfolio, ranging from multi-cloud services to collaboration tools for connecting distributed sites, enables even the most ‘siloed’ Pharma/MedTech companies to gain greater control and drive productivity. Our global footprint brings visibility and governance to your complicated supply chain.

The CISO and CIO's guide to securing networks in a digital age

The changing nature of networks and new technology means that security will be transformed. Malicious actors are more sophisticated but the defence is also increasingly sophisticated. Here, we outline how security will become a key component of your future network strategy.

"New networking technologies have huge potential to improve performance, boost efficiency and agility, as well as easing visibility and control."

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Jean-Francois Geys


Managing director for trading and command services

Jef is responsible for our trading and command services, providing real-time collaboration and communications solutions for the enterprise's most vital communications environments.

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